Friday, April 30, 2010

From the Forge: Imperial Guard Armored Car Conversion

Hello all, Slick here. New STC discovered on Regalius IV! Read on for more information...

Today I would like to share a little project I've been working on - making an armored car for my Imperial Guard! Why? Aside from the new Forgeworld Tauros there really are no wheeled vehicles in 40K unless you count Space Marine bikes. Having recently gotten into Flames of War I have become a fan of the various scout and recon vehicles for the armies in that game. I'm roughly modeling this after a mix between Puma and a Greyhound armored cars. After rummaging around in the bits box I settled on a spare Leman Russ hull top as the base for the model. From there it was off to the forge to see if I could turn it into a worthy vehicle. This is the state of the vehicle after about 3 hours of work. I decided this armored car would pack a bit of anti-infantry punch and put a spare punisher cannon in the hull. Imagine this thing camouflaged and suddenly opening up with this beast of a Gatling gun! This thing is also going to have quite a bit of communications equipment to represent it spying on enemy communications and relaying it back to friendly forces. The next major step will be to add the wheels and work on detailng the hull sides and adding various little bits here and there. Once it's finished I will write up a Datasheet for it for use in Apocalypse. Check back soon for a finished product. Comments welcome!

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