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Apocalypse: Assault on Darius IX Mission 5

Hello all, Slick here. Mission 5 for the Assault on Darius IX Apocalypse campaign is now available! This will be the final mission for 2010. The campaign will pick up again in January.

Game Preserve Apocalypse Campaign 2010
The Assault on Darius IX

Part 2: The Imperium Strikes Back

Mission 5 – This is the War We Wanted

Victory for the Imperium... the daring assault caught Chaos forces ill-prepared and Imperial forces plan to press the attack even more in order to retake Darius IX! However, scattered reports of a large number of unidentified Xenos craft entering the system may spell doom for all those fighting around Darius IX...

Objective: - Imperial forces continue to counter-attack Chaos forces across multiple battlefronts. A wave of Xenos forces has entered the system and is attacking anything it comes across, be they Imperial or Chaos. The Imperial and Chaos forces will have to contend with this new threat while also battling each other for control. All sides want to gain as much territory as possible.

The team with the most objectives at the end of the game wins the battle.

Special Rules: There will be three major war zones for this battle: hive city, foothills, and ash wastes. Each war zone will have a number of objectives. Teams will add all objectives in their control across all war zones at the end of the battle to determine the victor.

Players will divide into Imperial, Chaos, and Xenos teams. Each site will nominate a supreme commander. Commanders will assign their players to war zones of their choice. Once all players have been assigned to a war zone, the game will proceed as normal. Each war zone will act as a separate game of Apocalypse although assets not tied to specific formations used by players will be distributed by each side's respective supreme commanders as they see fit. Thus, if 5k points of Imperials are facing 6k points of Orks, the Imperial player will receive extra assets to as normal to make up the difference.

In order to attack a war zone, a player with at least 3k points must be assigned to it. In the case of the Xenos team, this may be the entire team if there are not enough players/points to attack any other war zones. Each Supreme Commander assigns one 'sub-commander' (player) at a time. Only two teams will be present in any given war zone. Up to two players per team may be assigned to a war zone. This is to prevent one team simply focusing their entire attack on one war zone.

Players should bring armies of 3-4k points. Having extra models along is also a good idea in order to balance out points.

Order of Deployment:

1) Xenos players will choose the first war zone they wish to attack.

2) Imperial players will choose the first war zone they wish to attack.

3) Chaos players will choose the first war zone they wish to defend.

4) Repeat steps 1-3 as necessary.

Imperial forces receive the following assets for free: Surgical Raids, Scheduled Bombardment (each bombardment may target a different war zone)

Chaos forces receive the following assets for free: Indiscriminate Bombardment (may choose any war zone)

Chaos forces may not take Careful Planning.

Each side must also nominate their supreme commander for this battle.

The following characters will be MIA for this battle due to serious wounds: Commissar Yarrick.

The following characters are confirmed dead and may not be used the rest of the campaign: Khan, Azrael, Belial.

As usual, super heavies must start the game on the table.

Determining the Victor – At the end of the game, determine who controls each strategic objective as follows:

• A unit controls an objective if it is in base contact with that objective and no enemy units are in base contact with that objective. The team with the most objectives under their control is the winner. Each objective taken, or not taken, will impact the forces and special rules available to players/teams in subsequent battles. If a unit is in base contact with more than one objective, the owning player must choose which objective it is attempting to control.

Scoring Units: Unlike in normal games of Warhammer 40,000, all non-vehicle units count as scoring units.

Wipeout!: Regardless of all other victory conditions, if at the end of the game the enemy has no units left on the table, you win the game!

Assets: Players will each have access to one strategic asset. Armies not painted to the 3-color minimum must use the Ash Wastes asset. Players can gain additional Assets by using various legendary units and formations. Teams may not have more than one copy of the same asset unless they get these through legendary formations and choosing an asset from their allotment.

Sequence of Play

Pre-game – Setup the Battlefield & Place Objectives

1 Pick Army

2 Select Teams & Nominate Supreme Commanders

3 Set Time Limit

4 Pick Strategic Assets
• If one side has fewer points, then they receive one extra asset for every full 250 points difference.

5. Deployment
• Each side will bid on the their deployment time as normal with the team bidding the lowest time also deploying first and taking the first turn. Superheavies must start the game on the table.
• Units not set up are in Strategic Reserve

6 Fight the Battle

7 Victory! – Players add up the number of objectives. The team with the most objectives wins.
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