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News: Mantic Newsletter - Beta Testing Ending Soon

Hello all, Slick here. Mantic's close beta testing for Kings of War will be ending soon! I've tried the rules out and they are fun (with a few issues here and there). There are of course some similarities to 8th ed Fantasy. Have any of you tried the rules? What do you think?

Mantic Games Newsletter

Close Beta Testing Ending Soon!

As swarms of Zombies now begin flooding the world, and you all continue playtesting the Kings of War ruleset to breaking point, Mantic would like to thank each and every one of you who have supplied feedback to help improve our great game!

Zombies painted by Andrew Wedmore

The closed Beta is officially ending on Monday, whilst we make the changes to the rules, read through and gather your feedback before sending the files off to print. Then we pack them with the crazy amount of miniatures you find in the Mhorgoth's Revenge Fantasy Battleset and release the game into the wilderness with the 2010 rules set!

As a big thank you bonus for all those who pre-order, or purchase the first edition, we will be adding 10 more Revenant models, with a command group - giving a total of 110 models - for just £40/€ 50/$65.

Alessio has already been looking at ways to alter one or two things for the better and you’ve still got this weekend to offer your feedback if you want to have an effect on the version that’ll go to print.

Just in case you missed the rules, here is the link again - just click on the logo below to get your FREE download:

We’ve some great things planned for this game including expanded mini-army books for our three current armies, tournament play and cross-over army lists too. The Mhorgoth's Revenge Fantasy Battleset pre-orders will begin shipping no later than the 22nd October, so if you haven’t got one on pre-order, now’s the time to do it – you will get them hot off the press!

Meet the Mantic Team - Open Day Tickets in Short Supply!

The 9th October see’s an open house at Mantic, with a host of activities and industry celebrities including Alessio Cavatore, Bob Naismith and Mike McVey gracing the Hallowed Halls of 23 Barker Gate.

As we are now finalising numbers, working out how many tea bags we’ll need and giving our team medical support after some frantic activities shipping out hordes of zombies from the warehouse, Open Day tickets are now in limited supply.

A young novice tried his hand at Kings of War -
he promptly lost (really? Ed).

If you want to catch up and chat with Ronnie and co, join in a few gaming and painting demonstration or simply want to show off your own Mantic armies, make sure you grab your Mantic Tickets now, we’ll be giving everyone who comes a heap of free stuff as they come through the door, and you get to spend your Saturday talking about toy soldiers!

For anyone struggling to come, we hear Nottingham is a great shopping experience for any troublesome wives or girlfriends!

Please note: Mantic Towers does not have full disabled access, please let us know in advance should you require special assistance.

Packing Madness

All September’s new releases have began shipping. Our team is looking tired and haggard, (and then they went to the warehouse!) and have been very busy shipping out Zombies, Dwarf metal, Undead Army Sets and Mantic Journals!

We had an unprecedented amount of pre-orders and a late surge really saw the gatekeepers to the Mantic boxsets working overtime. We’d like to thank everyone who placed an order for any of these sublime sets, and in thanking you for your patience as we work through getting them out the door. We are putting huge numbers of boxes in the mail system - your models will be with you any day now.

Each Warehouse Ninja is tasked to make up to 10,000 Warhosts a day - this is Clive's effort, standing nearly 12 ft tall.

You can check out the list of what is now shipping here.

By pre-ordering you ensure you get your sets before anyone else and the demand we’re currently seeing for our army deals and fantasy battle set is staggering. We reckon you lot are just as excited about huge armies fighting mass battles as we are, so if you want to get our hands on the most affordable bundle of miniatures ever, check out our army deals and offers here.

Free Zombie Sprue Continues!

Please remember that in addition to the FREE Mantic Messenger Bag we are giving away with all orders over £50, €75 and $99, and because they've been so popular, we are continuing to give away a free Zombie Sprue with all orders until the end of the month!for the next couple of weeks!

Zombies - finger licking good.

These offers will be ending soon and the Zombies are nearly out of stock so, with a free sprue, free postage and a free bag, why would you wait?!

Shipping soon...

The Mantic Release schedule is a free-flowing river of plastic and metal boxsets that never seems to cease and we’ll be having even more releases in October!

With reinforcements for the Dwarfs coming soon in the shape of the fearsome Shieldbreakers, mighty Dwarfs armed with great two-handed weapons, these new figures will be previewed on the blog and will be put up for pre-order soon!

Last month saw the release of the fantastic Dwarf King's War Counsel, including this Berserker Lord.

In addition, 22nd October marks the date that the seminal Mhorgoth’s Revenge Fantasy Battleset begins shipping. Over 100 plastic miniatures split between two evenly matched Kings of War armies; this set contains the gorgeous new zombies and comes bundled with the rules, dice and stats to play the game!

Keep an eye out for all of our latest advance orders and new release here!


Even with summer over, the world of toy soldier shows stops for no-one and we are pleased to announce that October is chocker full of them – and we’ll be at as many as we can!

With the Old Glory World Wargames this weekend in Derby, the Essen Spiele and Lucca Games convention in Germany and Italy respectively, Mantic will be doing it’s best to attend as many as possible, with a heap of plastic miniatures, our gorgeous painted figures and even a few demonstration games!

More details about our Spiel and Lucca attendance to come, but why not come up to Derby this weekend and catch up with us? For all the details on the latest shows and events, please check out our Events Diary!
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