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News: Mantic's Kings of War

Hello all, Slick here. Check out the latest from Mantic, as their Kings of War starter set approaches release date! It's packed with over 100 minis! Does it stand up to Isle of Blood? You decide.

Mantic Games Newsletter

The Kings of War Game is nearly here!

That’s right – no sooner have we cleared out our backlog of Zombie orders, we are now coming to the biggest release so far; the Kings of War rule set is released next week!

The Mhorgoth’s Revenge Fantasy Battle Set, Undead Army Set and Dwarf Army Set will all be packed with this great new set of rules from the off, letting you get the monstrous number of figures in these sets onto the tabletop with a quality set of rules to let you start gaming!

Whether you know someone who is new to the hobby, a club who wants to check out the Mantic figures, or you are simply looking for the perfect Christmas present for the kids this winter, the Mhorgoth’s Revenge Battle Set contains two legal armies of Dwarfs and Undead, the rules, stats and dice; perfect for starting up.

We’re also working on translating the rules into a number of different languages – the German edition will be available at Essen Spiel and from next week you'll be able get it from the website as well! With translations into Spanish, French and Italian and others to come as well, keep watching this space.

The Undead and Dwarf Army Sets let you pick the army of your choice, with the rules. This means is you know the army you want, there will be no need to buy a starter set, and sell half the box on eBay! Great if you know which army you prefer or if you’ve already picked up a box or two of our figures and decide you want to expand.

The back of the battle set reveals the overwhelming number of miniatures in the set

The zombies created a backlog of orders, and a few days delay, and we expect the release of the Mhorgoth’s Revenge Battleset will have a similar effect – we’ve already taken orders for double our forecast and have long surpassed the 1000 mark, (all of whom are getting a free Mantic Journal!). Orders placed after the pre-release date may experience a few days delay.

The Mhorgoth’s Revenge Fantasy Battle Set is available for pre-order now and will begin shipping on the 22th October – reserve your copy of this fantastic set now! The Dwarf Army Set is now available for pre-order now, but will be shipping on November 5th!

Zombie Sprues Available This Weekend!

Containing a fanatical number of zombies, (and the packing problems that caused!) meant we had to end the Zombie Horde box set, leaving the solitary Zombie Regiment to stand in its place - fully 30 Zombies, for a shockingly low price!

Undead Zombies painted by Andrew Wedmore

Those of you lucky enough to nab a box of Zombies will know they were literally crawling out of the box, the pack was so tight, and with huge demand for the Game set we have taken the Zombie Horde off the online store.

However, to cushion the blow of losing the Zombie Horde we wanted to give you a chance to buy man-sized units - so for this weekend only we have loose Zombie sprues available on the website! Check them out here – ends on Monday 18th October!

Events - Essen Spiel and Lucca Games

Mantic will be attending the Spiel event in Essen next week and what a blinder it is shaping up to be! We will have German editions of the Fantasy Battle Set available as well as the entire Mantic product line.

Of course, if you’d like to try before you buy, why not stop by for a demo game with our studio armies? Alessio will be present to answer any queries and the rest of the guys will be on hand to talk about all things hobby!

Make you sure you stop by stand 6-806, in Halle 6.

The road-trip doesn’t stop there though as the guys take the Mantic roadshow to Lucca Games in Italy as we support our exclusive distributor; Steel Models. There you’ll be able to grab Alessio for a game of KOW – just don’t beat him too badly - as well as be able to pick up the Italian version of the ruleset.

These two events are shaping up to be huge – dare you miss it?

Coming soon...

The release schedule never sleeps and the coming months are no different. Here’s a little taster as to what is to come:

- Dwarf Army Set
- Dwarf Shieldbreakers troop
- Dwarf Shieldbreakers Regiment
-Undead Archers
-Undead Liche King with Revenant Guard

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