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News: Forgeworld Newsletter #255

Hello all, Slick here. The latest Forgeworld newsletter is out and the Land Raider Achilles which everyone saw preview pics of from GD UK is now available for pre-order! This is one badass Land Raider variant, featuring a Thunderfire Cannon in the hull! The MKIV Ironclad Dreadnaught is also available for pre-order. Read on below:

"Hi There,

This week’s Newsletter brings you a fresh wave of Space Marine kits to pre-order, along with two more A4 Transfer Sheets packed with vehicle and infantry decals and a reminder of our Christmas shipping deadlines and opening times.

Thanks, Ead Brown

Land Raider Achilles Available to Pre-Order Now
Land Raider AchillesThe first of our new wave of Space Marine releases is the devastatingly powerful Land Raider Achilles. This resin and plastic hybrid kit, designed by Stuart Williamson, boasts sponson-mounted twin Multi-Meltas and a hull-mounted Thunderfire Cannon. A line-breaker beyond compare, the Land Raider Achilles’ firepower is capable of forcing a breach in even the strongest defences at the tip of an armoured assault.

Originating in the closing years of the Great Crusade, the Achilles is perhaps the rarest and most venerable Land Raider variant still used on the battlefields of the 41st Millenium. It was originally created by the Imperial Fists Legion in response to a dire xenos threat now lost to the mists of history, and fittingly rare outside the noble Imperial Fists, their successors and the Ordo Reductor of the Adeptus Mechanus. The Achilles is perhaps most vaunted for its legendary durability - each stage of the hull’s construction incorporates layer upon layer of ancient electromagnetic algorithms and ferromantic incantations. This arcane lore is etched into the very structure of the Land Raider Achilles at a molecular level, and is one the most secret and ancient rites of the Cult Mechanicus.

The Land Raider Achilles is a complete resin and plastic kit, and is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing December 6th, and is included in the Space Marine Siege Assault Vanguard army list in the forthcoming Imperial Armour Volume 10: The Badab War Part II. As an exclusive extra, we have prised the rules for the Achilles from Alan Bligh’s grasp and they are available to download for free here.

Forge World MkIV Ironclad Dreadnought and Arms Available to Pre-Order Now
Mk IV Ironclad DreadnoughtThe latest addition to our range of MkIV Dreadnoughts is the siege specialist MkIV Ironclad Dreadnought, MkIV Hurricane Bolter, MkIV Seismic Hammer and MkIV Chainfist. These full resin kits, designed by Phil Stutcinskas, afford Space Marine players the complete range of Codex options for the Ironclad Dreadnought. Heavily augmented and outfitted for siege assault and ship boarding actions, the Ironclad Dreadnought sacrifices versatility and long-range firepower for even greater armoured defence and dedicated siege weaponry such as the Seismic Hammer and Chainfist, designed to pulverise the toughest bastion or armoured bulkhead into twisted wreckage. The fearsome short-ranged firepower of a Hurricane Bolter is often used to augment the Ironclad’s firepower, allowing the ancient hero within the sarcophagus to saturate breached defences with a deadly storm of bolter shells. The MkIV Ironclad Dreadnought is a full resin kit that comes complete with Hunter Killer Missiles and Frag Assault Launchers, furthering the Ironclad’s potent weaponry, as well as additional armour plates to fit the resin MkIV Hurricane Bolter, MkIV Seismic Hammer and MkIV Chainfist and our other MkIV Dreadnought arms. Each of these detailed kits is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing December 6th.

New Space Marine Transfer Sheets Available to Pre-Order Now
dark Angels TransfersForge World’s Paul Rudge has been hard at work of late, busily working away on two additions to our range of transfer sheets – an A4 Dark Angels transfer sheet and an A4 Space Marine Markings decal sheet.

Each sheet is crammed with a huge array of squad badges suitable for shoulder pads, jump packs and vehicles. There are also unit designations and unique details such as Dark Angel maxims and names, along with standard and variant vehicle designations for all types of Space Marine squad insignia.

Each of the new transfer sheets is also available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing December 6th."

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