Tuesday, March 22, 2011

News: Dark Eldar Reinforcements

Hello all, Slick here. The latest GW newsletter brings us some reinforcements for the Dark Eldar!

Incoming! Dark Eldar

Sneak preview Sneak preview

More Dark Eldar models are being released in June and, once again, we're able to offer you an exclusive sneak preview of what's to come... Check out today's Astronomican article for another exclusive image as well as more details on Dark Eldar. You can have your guess of what it might be on our Facebook page!

Master of the Beasts Master of the Beasts

Jes Goodwin, design guru and our very own master of the beasts, joined us on the blog to tell us how he went about creating some of the latest Dark Eldar releases. From the Clawed Fiend to the Succubus, this is a fascinating glance into the design process behind these new miniatures.

Which cults? Which cults?

Wych cults! For those of you interested in building up your Dark Eldar forces, Andy Hall has written Dark Eldar: Sample Armies Part 2, this time basing his choices around the lithe and deadly warriors of the Wych Cults. Check out this article for more on the array of tactics available to the Dark Eldar player.

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