Monday, March 14, 2011

News: Mantic - Elven Reinforcements

Mantic's latest newsletter brings in so much needed Elven Reinforcements! Read on for more ...

"Elven Reinforcements!

We feel we have neglected our first army! Just 18 months ago the Elves took to the battlefield alone - and fought on until the arrival of the Undead some 4 months later.Since then the Dwarfs and Undead battled it out in 'Mhorgoths Revenge' and we have released three armies!

Well enough - it is the time of the Elves is once more!

Since the release of the other army sets, we have been regularly asked – where is the Elf Army set, and can we have Bowmen without shields.

Well, we listened and here they are - Elf Army Set and Elf Archers, and they will start shipping on the 14th March. These are just two new releases we have planned for the Elves over the coming months, we have something special coming in the near future, and we'll revisit the Elf concepts and art, to see where all this began.....

The Elf Army Set is a fantastic addition to our Battle Set Range. It contains: 20 Spearmen, 20 Bowmen, Elf Seaguard, 10 Scout and 2 Bolt Throwers all in plastic, as well as free Kings of War rules and an exclusive metal Wizard on Horse. As if that wasn't enough, for the first print run only, we’re also bundling in an additional 10 Elf Spearmen absolutely free!

As mentioned there is a wizard on horse exclusive to this set, which has been sculpted especially for this occasion after you guys asked for the Army Set. Sculpted by Bob Naismith, and painted by the guys at Golem Painting Studio, check it out below:
The brand new Elven Archers are also released on the 14th of March:
We had lots of requests for Elves who were firing their bows rather than carrying shields, and we make a big effort to listen to our customers, as we feel your feedback is always valuable.
So make sure you pick up your pre-orders here! and you will be the first to receive our latest releases."
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