Friday, March 11, 2011

Uncharted Seas: Dwarf Battleship Variant

Hey all, we're testing a new Iron Dwarf Battleship variant in our local group. We've come to the conclusion that the Dwarves are just lacking a bit in their competitiveness in several areas. For some more long range firepower we've come up with the following variant:

Volcanus Class Battleship

DR 6 CR 12 Move 4 Hull 8 Crew 7 Ram 9

Starboard 11/9/7/4
Port 11/9/7/4
Fore 7/6/5/-
Aft 4/3/1/-
Mortar -/7/9/11

This is a Large Capital Class Standard Ship
Uses the Large template for moving and firing
Steam engines mean the ship IGNORES the wind direction
Deployed in Squadrons of 1 Model

Mortars* Fired in the same manner as a trebuchet. In addition the Mortars have the Flame Weapon MAR.

Points Cost: 150

The Dwarf Ferrous Class Battleship is a new variant on a proven battle platform. It retains the lower profile and angled armor of it the Forge Class while incorporating two massive mortars in the center of its hull. To make room for this heavier ordnance, Dwarven engineers had to remove some of its broadside weaponry. The carnage caused by a hit from the mortars, however, more than makes up for this. The crews of these mighty vessels love to watch the impact of mortars on enemy ships as they are set ablaze. Enemy commanders should still be wary of getting in too close as this machine can still deal out 11 Attack Dice (AD) at Range Band 1!
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