Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update: WIP Tactical Squad

Now that the lightning claw terminators are done, I can give this squad some attention. The sergeant in particular is getting a lot of details added and will be cleaned up quite a bit from what he is now. Compare where he is at now to early wip pics of him. I'm still amazed at how much detailed they managed to add to the Black Reach minis. Giving him some personal heraldry such as the shoulder marking and both kneepads as well as his sword, and gold backpack to distinguish him as a veteran. Its kind of tough to see, but his right knee (model's pov) has the Blood Angels teardrop while the left knee has the blue/white striping seen on his shoulder pad, a yellow quarter to which I'll add something later, and the bottom left quarter in black has a numeral III for his company marking. The cloth across his torso will also be detailed later.


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