Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Favorite Retailers: Pig Iron Productions

Starting a new regular feature called Favorite Retailers where I'll provide some info and links to some of the better online retailers and various miniatures & wargames companies out there.

To start this section off, here is one I recently came across. They're called Pig Iron Productions. Right now they're just making miniatures without any rule system or set universe so that means they're open to be used in a lot of different game systems. A lot of their stuff right now could pull double-duty in some Imperial Guard armies and offer some nice alternatives. Check out the picture below from their gallery for an example of their minis and then follow the provided link to check them out! They are UK-based so keep the prices in and shipping in mind if you decide to order.

These guys certainly have a nice look to them in a very Death Korps kinda of way. Might just have to pick up some of these guys. Take a look at their minis and then comment away! What do you guys think?



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