Saturday, March 21, 2009

Update: Completed 40K Minis While Abroad

Just a few group pics of all the 40K minis I've managed to get finished while over here. Didn't quite manage to get that other Terminator squad done, but that'll follow soon.
To summarize everything here:
5 Lightning Claw Terminators
10 Tactical Marines
10 Guardsmen
2 Teleport Beacons
1 Lascannon Heavy Weapon Team
1 Guard Officer

What is next? Well one goal is to get the GW's spray gun and start whipping out guard tanks at a quick pace - plenty of superheavies and FW tanks to paint after all. After that I'm going to focus on getting as much stuff painted for Apocalyspe as possible. Eventually everything of course :). With the new Guard codex right around the corner though, I know there'll be several additions which will add to the long list of stuff to paint. Then there is all of the Fantasy stuff still needing to get finished. The major goal there is to get all the remaining Dogs of War finished before starting anything new.


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