Saturday, March 7, 2009

Update: Forgeworld Reinforcements Part 2

More Forgeworld awesomeness! The bulk of my order was 40K-related so let's get right to the pics!
Soo many Forgeworld pieces!

A pic of both my Armageddon pattern tanks. These are going to be a blast to paint and model.

Closeup of the Armageddon Basilisk! This will get some conversion treatment and tons of detailing. I'm goig to try to make it similar to an Elefant/Nashorn tank.

Some of the smaller pieces. On the left you'll see a Cadian upgrade sprue. I'll add this to a squad to give them a veteran look. I think I'll wait until the new Guard codex is out to see what is what before I go assembling these. In the front you'll see a little support for my Blood Angels in the form of a Plasma Cannon arm dreadnaughts. Behind that you'll notice side skirt armor for Chimeras (trying to making them look like late-model Panzer IVs) as well as the hull for a Leman Russ Destroyer. Between this thing and the Shadowsword I'm getting all Titans (looking at you Stompas and Hierophant!) are put on notice!

Another shot of some of the smaller stuff. Lots of little accessories for tanks such as fuel drums, stowage etc.


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