Saturday, March 7, 2009

Update: Forgeworld Reinforcements Part 3

One more set of pics! These are mainly some closeups of the Forgeworld stuff.
Pic of the Armageddon Medusa - this will be something similar to a Hummel in my army.

Another pic of the Caidan Updgrade Pack

Hydra Flak Tank - this is going to be a blast to assemble and even more fun in the game. Long range Dakka Dakka!

Not one to neglect 40K terrain, I also ordered up the ammo dump. This will be a nice objective piece for Apocalypse and will work well in CityFight as well.

Closeup of the Autocannon turret for the Chimera. Looks a bit crooked on the front there, hopefully that will be an easy fix.

Improved Comms - my Leman Russ Vanquisher will be getting this!

Another pic of the Armageddon Basilisk!

Another shot of the Armageddon Medusa!

Oh so many sprues!


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