Saturday, March 21, 2009

Update: Tactical Squad VII

Well after a few months of off and on painting I finally managed to wrap this squad up! They're ready for battle now, but I'll be adding some details and touching up when I get back. Yes, you read right, Tac Squad 7, so 70 tactical marines for the whole army now.

Added some personal heraldy on his shoulder marker. Notice the kill marks on the sword as well.

Closeup of the sarge.

Front view of the sarge, still need to work on his face, torso chain and cloth. It's a bit hard to see but both of his knees have detail - the Blood Angels logo on one and some special detailing on the other. Half matches the heraldy on his shoulder marker, The yellowish part will get touched up once I'm back (just foundation paint yellow for now), and the bottom part of his kneepad has a Roman Numeral III for his company marking.


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