Saturday, June 20, 2009

News: IG 1.5 Wave tanks available for Preorder!

Hey all, up on GW's UK site are a few new preorders - namely the 1.5 wave IG stuff. You have the new all plastic Hellhound and Leman Russ Demolisher boxes, each of which allows you to make one of 3 variants and contains all the bits necessary for all types of weapon options. The Hellhound kit is certainly looking cool, especially the beefier turret (might come in handy on some Chimera conversions) and the new side panels are looking good too. The LRD is also pretty sweet - the new lower profile and elongated turret looks good. The plasma cannon for the Executioner variant doesn't look quite as good as the FW version and the Punisher cannon is a bit meh. Still, having all 3 in one kit is definitely a plus. What do you guys think?

Definitely nice to see the next wave of IG stuff coming out. Keep in mind the entire IG release is supposed to spread out over 18 months so there is still plenty to come including an artillery box set that supposedly lets you make the Basilisk, Medusa, Bombard, and possibly even the Griffon. That's a lot in one box if it's true! Also, anyone notice what looks like giant fortresses landing in the background art of these boxes? Possibly a future Planetstrike release...


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