Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Apocalypse: Lucky 13s Game 2 Coverage

Hey all, here are some pics of our recent apocalypse game for the Lucky 13s league. It was a tough and bloody battle with the good guys (us) taking quite a pounding for 3 turns. In the end however, the enemy failed to take our HQ while we scoured them from 2 objectives and a late deepstrike by a squad of Blood Angels assault marines and Death Company lead by a Chaplain managed to kill off the enemies surrounding an enemy objective which they had made into a vital objective via the asset. The Death Company slaughtered the enemy and consolidated onto the objective at the bottom of turn 4 for the win! Comments welcome!

A desperate effort to keep their dread from rampaging behind our lines.

Some much needed support arrives in the form of a venerable Death Company Dread

Clash of Titans

2 shooty BA terminator squads wipe the enemy from an objective.

March of the stompas

My hydra gets some trigger time, in the end it downed 2 trucks and 3 copters.

And the day is ours!


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