Friday, June 26, 2009

Forgeworld: Newsletter 214

Hey all, the new FW newsletter is out and there are some more cool things coming out soon:

"Hello There,
This newsletter we have some much-sought after weapons for our Warhound titans, re-enforcements for the treacherous renegades of Vraks, as well as a few announcements to make. We`d also like to thank everybody that came out to see us at Games Day Canada, which was a fantastic show as ever.

ThanksAlan Bligh

Imperial Armour Volume Seven Coming Soon!Our big news is that Imperial Armour Volume Seven, the Siege of Vraks Part 3, the final part of our epic campaign series is now finished and off to the printers! Look out for a Newsletter soon with a full preview and date of release as the story of the climatic conclusion to the Vraks conflict is finally revealed.

Mars Warhound Titan WeaponsNew for the Warhound Titan are two much requested weapons, a Mars Pattern Turbo Laser and a Mars Pattern Inferno Cannon. Designed by Will Hayes, these weapons add Titan-killing firepower to the Warhound and now give the Mars Pattern Warhound all the options found on their Lucius Pattern brethren. Their armoured cowling matches the Mars Pattern’s ancient styling and the weapon arms can be used as right or left arms for the titan.

The Mars Pattern Turbo Laser and Mars Pattern Inferno Cannon are available now for immediate release.

Renegade Heavy Stubber TeamThe Renegade Heavy Stubber Team, designed by Mark Bedford, is a fantastically characterful addition to our Chaos Militia range. The two man team which you can see Here, have been posed in a mobile, aggressive style, well suited to guerrilla warfare and urban combat with their heavy stubber braced above them for firing.

The Renegade Heavy Stubber Team is available now available for immediate release.

Upcoming EventsForge World will be attending Games Day Chicago on the 25th of July. If you would like to place a reservation order for this show, your reservation should reach us by the 29th of June.

Forge World will be attending Games Day Germany on the 16th of August. If you would like to place a reservation order for this show, your reservation should reach us by the 10th of August."

The biggest thing here are the new weapon options for the Mars Pattern Warhounds, you can finally have all the options for this version of the Warhound, and being able to now order titan parts separately, you can really get the titan loadout that you want.
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