Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Favorite Retailers: Litko Aerosystems

Hey all, check out Litko Aerosystems! They have a ton of cool stuff ranging from terrain, templates and tokens, to various movement trays (even magnetic basing), and plenty more. Their prices are also pretty reasonable. Comment away!

A nice way to figure out that line of sight arc for Fantasy

Always forgetting to shoot or use magic in fantasy? Can't remember what turn it is? Check this thing out?

One of the hardest parts about fantasy is getting the wheeling distances correct. Not anymore with these badass turn wheels. They have them for 20mm, 25mm, and even 40mm bases.

What do you guys think? I might just have to order up a set of those turn wheel templates and possibly that turn counter.


golgotha - favored of khorne said...

I am liking the wheel template

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