Tuesday, June 2, 2009

News: Forgeworld Newsletter #213

Lots of news from Forgeworld:

"Hi There,
Summer is here, our events season is in full swing and Forge World is busier than ever but we`ve still managed to fit in a plethora of new releases and some added firepower for the Imperial Guard and Navy, not least of all a Vendetta conversion kit and our brand new hybrid Vulture Gunship model. Speaking of events, we`d like to say a big thank you to everybody who came to see us at Games Day Spain last weekend and made it such a great show.

Alan Bligh

Imperial Vulture GunshipThe Imperial Vulture is a heavily armed multi-role low-level attack craft utilised by the Imperial Guard and Navy. Swift and deadly, the Vulture is a variant of the more common Valkyrie fuselage, which trades in the Valkyrie`s transport capacity in exchange for speed, manoeuvrability and the ability to carry a wide range of weapons. The Vulture`s payload can vary between tank-busting lascannon, rapid-firing rocket pods, the devastating short range power of punisher cannon and more.

Designed by Darren Parrwood, the Vulture is a complete model built using resin conversion parts and sprues from the new plastic Imperial Guard Valkyrie which you can see Here. The Vulture can be upgraded with alternate payloads from those included with the plastic kit by using our Imperial Navy Accessory sets (see below).

The Imperial Vulture Gunship is available to pre-order Now for release the week commencing the 22nd of June.

Imperial Vendetta Conversion Set This new conversion set for the plastic Imperial Guard Valkyrie allows you to create the Vendetta, a powerful attack variant of the standard Valkyrie with devastating anti-tank firepower. Designed by Darren Parrwood, this conversion set features three twin-linked lascannon, one for each underwing position and one for the aircraft`s fuselage weapon mount, as well as a special sensor module as you can see Here.

The Vendetta Conversion Set is available to pre-order Now for release the week commencing the 22nd of June.

Updated Aircraft Accesory SetsWe have also updated our Imperial Aircraft Accessories so that can be used with the new plastic Games Workshop Valkyrie kit as well as the Forge World Imperial aircraft kits.

These updates sets comprise the following and are available for pre order Now for release on the 22nd of June.


Forge World Catalogue 2009
The new Forge World 2009 catalogue is now available and contains all of our recent releases. If you would like a free copy of the catalogue, which we will send out at no cost to anywhere in the world, you can either send an email with your full name and address details to forgeworldcatreq@games-workshop.co.uk or give a ring on:0115 916 8177 and we will take your address details and get you one sent out as soon as we can.

Imperial Aircraft Punisher Cannon SetDesigned by Darren Parrwood this new accessory set, which you can see Here, adds brutal firepower to Imperial Navy Flyers allowing them to scythe down enemy infantry and ravage light vehicle squadrons with equal ease.

Featuring a duel Punisher Cannon with ammunition feeds on wing mounts, this accessory set is available to pre-order Now for release the week commencing the 22nd of June.

New Plastic Flying StandThe new Games Workshop Plastic Flying Stand is also now available to purchase separately from Forge World. This sturdy flying stand makes an excellent choice for basing most Forge World Flyers, particularly for games of Apocalypse, and is now already included in many of our model kits.

Upcoming EventsForge World will be attending Games Day Canada on the 20th of June. Unfortunately the date for reservation orders has now past, but we will have an excellent selection of our stock at the show, including our new Games Day only model the Death Rider Commissar.

Forge World will be attending Games Day Chicago on the 25th of July. If you would like to place a reservation order for this show, your reservation should reach us by the 15th of June.
Forge World will be attending Games Day Germany on the 16th of August. If you would like to place a reservation order for this show, your reservation should reach us by the 10th of August.

Forge World Games Workshop LtdWillow Road, Lenton Nottingham, NG7 2WS
Registered in England & Wales Company Registration Number 01467092

Phone: 0115 916 8177 Fax: 0115 916 8044 Web site: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/

There are lots of cool things coming out from FW in the near future. The Vulture with punisher cannons is just going to be devastating! Heavy 40 anyone? :) The inclusion of the new flying stand in most of their flyer kits is welcome news as is the fact that it's available to order separately. It's nice to see the Vendetta conversion kit coming out so soon, although it really should have been included in the Valkyrie box since it's in the Guard codex. Anyone going to Gamesday Chicago? :)


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