Thursday, October 8, 2009

News: GW Newsletter #62

Hey all, time for another GW Newsletter, this time more SW gooodness:

Issue 62 The Games Workshop Newsletter 06.10.2009
In this issue: New: Space Wolves | Also Available: Space Marine Box Sets

New: Space Wolves

The Space Wolves are the most fierce and barbaric of all the Space Marine Chapters. They are proud, ferocious warriors who like nothing more that to feast and slay in their Primarch’s name. With an all-new Codex, two new multi-part plastic sets and three new metal models, the descendants of Russ are ready to hunt once more.

Codex: Space Wolves Codex: Space WolvesThe Space Wolves are the most savage and barbaric of all the Space Marine Chapters. They are warriors of myth, and in their wake spring legends. This 96-page book is your ultimate and essential guide to collecting and gaming with Space Wolves.
Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminators Space Wolves Wolf Guard TerminatorsThe Wolf Guard are the elite of the Space Wolves. This brand-new multi-part plastic Terminator box set allows you to make five Wolf Guard Terminators and arm them with bespoke components make each Wolf Guard a unique member of your retinue.
Space Wolves Wolf Pack Space Wolves Wolf PackWith over 200 components this set is packed with Space Wolves bits. Whether you want to assemble a unit of Blood Claws, Grey Hunters or Wolf Guard in power armour, or model any othr Space Marine kit as a Space Wolves unit, this set has what you need.
Canis Wolfborn Canis WolfbornOn the tabletop Canis is a mighty presence, able to slice through large squads of infantry with ease thanks to his pair of wolf claws and his ability to have as many Attacks as models in base contact with him.
Lukas the Trickster Lukas the TricksterNamed for his rebellious nature, Lukas is the only man to have tracked and killed a chameleonic Doppegangrel, and thanks to its pelt enemies must re-roll successful To Hit rolls against him. Njal Stormcaller Njal StormcallerNjal Stormcaller is a classic Space Wolves character that has returned in the new Codex. A master psyker, Njal knows all of the psychic powers listed in Codex: Space Wolves.
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Also Available: Space Marine Box Sets

Don’t forget the Space Wolves Pack set is designed to work with every other Space Marine set in the range, allowing you to model any of the unit entries in Codex: Space Wolves. Below are just a few examples of sets that you mix with the Space Wolves Pack kit:

Space Marine Scouts Space Marine ScoutsAfter you assemble your squad of 10 Wolves from the Space Wolves Pack, you’ll have enough bits left over to turn a Scout Squad into a Wolf Scout squad. Space Marine Assault Squad Space Marine Assault Squad Assemble a Skyclaw Assault Pack by mixing the parts from a Space Marine Assault squad and the Space Wolves Pack set.
Space Marine Devastators Space Marine DevastatorsAdd some heavy firepower to your Space Wolves army: combine a Space Marine Devastator squad with the components from the Space Wolves Pack to create a unit of Long Fangs. Space Marine Bike Squad Space Marine Bike Squad Swiftclaw Biker Packs add some needed speed to a Space Wolves army and can be modelled using the Space Marine Bike squad.
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