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News: Forgeworld Eldar Phantom Titan!

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Hello everyone, Slick here. Forgeworld has unveiled the mighty Eldar Phantom Titan! This is one amazing kit and a great improvement over the old Armorcast version.

"Hi there,
            With just over a week until the 2011 Forge World Open Day at Warhammer World, we have some exciting news about the first pre-release kit that will be on sale there - the mighty Eldar Phantom Titan!   

Eldar Phantom Titan on sale at the Forge World Open Day
Eldar Phantom TitanTall, slender and elegant, the Phantom is the largest known pattern of Eldar Titan. It is swift and agile in comparison to the lumbering behemoths of the Legio Titanicus, and is armed with some of the deadliest examples of Eldar weaponry.
Each Phantom is the pinnacle of Eldar warcraft. Linked to a wraithbone core containing the living spirit of its previous pilots, the single crewman of each Phantom Titan, known as a Steersman, is an Exarch dedicated to this aspect of warfare. Locked in a trance-like state, the Steersman’s consciousness merges with the spirit-sentience of the Titan, enabling the mighty war machine to react and manoeuvre with astonishing speed.
The Phantom Titan is most commonly armed with at least one immense Phantom Pulsar, a long range and rapid-firing energy weapon far superior to anything sanctioned by the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Phantom’s other primary weapon is often a Phantom D-Cannon; much larger and more powerful than similar technology used by the Cobra or Warp Hunter, it tears a seething warp-rift in the fabric of reality to engulf and utterly destroy its foe. As well as these primary weapons, the Phantom is armed with shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft and anti-personnel missile launchers as well as an additional heavy weapon; usually a long-barrelled Star Cannon or Pulse Laser. Adeptus Mechanicus logis-engines also record other primary weapons systems that have been encountered in the long history of conflict between the Imperium and the Eldar.
The Phantom Titan is the tallest war machine Forge World has ever designed. First showcased at an early stage of development at Games Day UK 2010, designer Will Hayes has now finished crafting this graceful masterpiece. Packed with lavish external and internal detail, including a stunning cockpit interior sculpted by Simon Egan, the Phantom Titan has taken a full year to complete, such is the degree of detail and workmanship that this most impressive model (we can’t call it a miniature!) boasts.
The Phantom Titan will be on sale for the very first time at the Forge World Open Day. You’ll be able to admire a fully painted example of this majestic model over on our Studio stand, where Will Hayes will also be explaining exactly how such a project is undertaken.
Full technical information and background for the Phantom Titan will be provided in Imperial Armour Volume 11: The Doom of Mymeara along with full rules for fielding what is the single most powerful model currently available in Warhammer 40,000.
At the Forge World Open Day you’ll be able to peruse a work-in-progress copy of this hotly-anticipated book on our Studio stand, as well as direct your questions to Forge World’s Book Design team, who are currently working on it."

News: Mantic - Abyssal Dwarf Berserkers

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Hello all, Slick here. Mantic's latest brings their Abyssal (chaos) Dwarfs a new release - Berserkers!

Mantic Games Newsletter
Abyssal Dwarf Berserkers!

We know you have all been waiting to see the Berserkers of the Abyss.
For most Dwarf Berserkers, it really does not matter what are the motivations of the army they are fighting for. All that they need to know is that there will be fresh enemies to cut down and bloody fights in which to unleash their maniacal killing lust. So the Berserkers are only too easily swayed by the Abyss, convinced to give up their soul in return for the promise of eternal slaughter and a never-ending supply of willing foes against which the bloodthirsty warriors can match their fighting prowess.
Golem has done a fantastic job on these, really bringing out the menace and brutality of the miniatures.
These Berserkers are not going to be released until May, however if you want to get your hands on them early they are only available as part of Gorgoth’s Colossal Legion of Terror.

Uncharted Seas: Shroud Mages Nightshroud Escort Cruiser

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Hello everyone, Slick here with the latest Shroud Mages design. This is a ship idea that I've been toying with a while. I thought it would be cool if the SM had a supporting cruiser that allowed them to utilize their specific magical abilities more.

Shroud Mages
Nightshroud Escort Cruiser
DR 4 CR 6 Move 6 Hull 4 Crew 5 Ram Red 6

Port/Starboard 6/4/2/-
Fore 4/2/-/-
Aft -
Special *

This is a Medium Capital Class Variant Ship
Uses the Medium template for moving and firing
Steam engines mean the ship IGNORES the wind direction
Deployed in squadrons of 1 Model
Special Rule: Steam Bellows +1 and Steam Burst
Points: 65

The Nightshroud cruiser features a large radial dome on the forward section of the ship which emits a sickly green and purple light as it comes within range of enemy ships. The dome actually acts as a amplifier for the magi on board, allowing various magical attacks in addition to mundane weapons. Whenever a Nightshroud is activated, you may make one of two special attacks listed below:

Shroud of Darkness: Play against any enemy target within Range Band 2. It MUST be within line of sight of this ship. Roll 1D6, on a 1-3 there is no effect, on a 4 the target CANNOT turn during this activation, on a 5 it CANNOT turn and CANNOT move more than 2" during this activation, and on a 6 it treats all of its attacks this turn as if they were one Range Band further away. This effect is magical and can be countered but the opposing player must choose to counter it before any dice are rolled.

Shroud of Madness: Play against any enemy target within line of sight. Roll 1D6 and on a 1-3 there is no effect, on a 4-5 the target loses 1 Crew Point, and on a 6 the target loses 1 Hull Point AND 1 Crew Point. You DO NOT roll additional dice if you get a 6. This effect is magical and can be countered but the opposing player must choose to counter it before any dice are rolled.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tournament: Uncharted Seas Team Tournament 5/21

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Hello everyone Slick here. We will be having our first ever team-tournament at our local store on May 21!

Requirements are as follows:

  • Each player will use their faction's starter fleet (no variations are allowed)
  • Teams may sign up beforehand & any race/fleet combinations are allowed
  • All ships must be painted to a 3-color minimum
  • Tournament will consist of 3 games
  • Scoring will be in the following categories: battle points, sportsmanship points, and appearance points

Prizes will be for 1st & 2nd place

Prizes TBA.

News: Dark Eldar Reinforcements

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Hello all, Slick here. The latest GW newsletter brings us some reinforcements for the Dark Eldar!

Incoming! Dark Eldar

Sneak preview Sneak preview

More Dark Eldar models are being released in June and, once again, we're able to offer you an exclusive sneak preview of what's to come... Check out today's Astronomican article for another exclusive image as well as more details on Dark Eldar. You can have your guess of what it might be on our Facebook page!

Master of the Beasts Master of the Beasts

Jes Goodwin, design guru and our very own master of the beasts, joined us on the blog to tell us how he went about creating some of the latest Dark Eldar releases. From the Clawed Fiend to the Succubus, this is a fascinating glance into the design process behind these new miniatures.

Which cults? Which cults?

Wych cults! For those of you interested in building up your Dark Eldar forces, Andy Hall has written Dark Eldar: Sample Armies Part 2, this time basing his choices around the lithe and deadly warriors of the Wych Cults. Check out this article for more on the array of tactics available to the Dark Eldar player.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New: Forgeworld Newsletter #267

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Hello all, Slick here again with FW's newsletter. The Eldar are getting some more love in anticipation of the next Imperial Armour book! Check below for the Eldar Lynx heavy tank and the Shadow Spectres exarch!

"Hi there,
In this Newsletter we have a whole host of new releases for Eldar players: two variants of the Lynx Heavy Grav-tank and the eagerly awaited Shadow Spectres Exarch. We also bring you more details of what you can see at the Forge World Open Day and some exciting news about AdeptiCon and Salute 2011.

Ead Brown
Forge World Customer Service Manager

Eldar Lynx Heavy Grav-Tank
Eldar LynxThe Eldar Lynx is an ancient war machine, much larger than the Falcon-pattern tanks more commonly found in an Eldar Host, yet smaller and faster than the mighty Scorpion and Cobra super-heavy Grav-tanks. The Lynx boasts potent firepower from a variety of weapons that are also found on the graceful Revenant Titans.

Lynx with Pulsar
A swift and elegant vehicle, manned by a single pilot and equipped with potent targeting systems, the
Lynx with Pulsar is a deadly tank hunter. It is able to target the weak points of even the mightiest super-heavy war engines and is capable of high-speed flight due to propulsion technology far more advanced than the anti-grav systems used by the Imperium.

Lynx with Sonic Lance
Lynx with Sonic Lance exchanges the anti-armour Pulsar loadout for the terrifying vibro technology of a Sonic Lance. In this configuration, the speed of the Lynx allows it to isolate and destroy infantry formations, its waves of sonic energy pinning the enemy in place and literally shaking them to pieces.

Both variants of this elegant resin heavy Grav-tank, designed by Daren Parrwood, are available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 28th March.

Full technical information and background for the Lynx will be provided in Imperial Armour Volume 11: The Doom of Mymeara, but we have secured these experimental rules for the Lynx which you can download now to enable you to use its potent firepower and mobility in any Eldar army.

Eldar Shadow Spectres Exarch
Shadow Spectres ExarchThe mysterious Aspect of the Shadow Spectres has only one surviving Shrine, which is situated on the isolated Craftworld Mymeara. Armed with a fell Prism Lance and arrayed in the ghostly panoply of an Eldar wraith, the Shadow Spectres Exarch is dedicated to the craft of ranged death, hunting heavily armoured prey with consummate skill.

The Shadow Spectres Exarch, sculpted by Simon Egan, is a detailed resin miniature that provides additional battlefield options to the Aspect Warriors. This unique model is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 28th March, while the already popular Shadow Spectres Aspect Warrior Squad is available to order now for immediate despatch."

News: Mantic Newsletter - Green Tide

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Hello all, Slick here. The latest Mantic newsletter is out and Orcs are on the way! These sculpts look amazing! Cheaper than that other company too...

The Green Tide descends........

The Orcs are coming..........

Monday, March 14, 2011

Shroud Mages: Destroyers Complete

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Hello all, Slick here with a quick update for the Shroud Mages. Here is a finished squad of Destroyers. Comments welcome!

News: Mantic - Elven Reinforcements

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Mantic's latest newsletter brings in so much needed Elven Reinforcements! Read on for more ...

"Elven Reinforcements!

We feel we have neglected our first army! Just 18 months ago the Elves took to the battlefield alone - and fought on until the arrival of the Undead some 4 months later.Since then the Dwarfs and Undead battled it out in 'Mhorgoths Revenge' and we have released three armies!

Well enough - it is the time of the Elves is once more!

Since the release of the other army sets, we have been regularly asked – where is the Elf Army set, and can we have Bowmen without shields.

Well, we listened and here they are - Elf Army Set and Elf Archers, and they will start shipping on the 14th March. These are just two new releases we have planned for the Elves over the coming months, we have something special coming in the near future, and we'll revisit the Elf concepts and art, to see where all this began.....

The Elf Army Set is a fantastic addition to our Battle Set Range. It contains: 20 Spearmen, 20 Bowmen, Elf Seaguard, 10 Scout and 2 Bolt Throwers all in plastic, as well as free Kings of War rules and an exclusive metal Wizard on Horse. As if that wasn't enough, for the first print run only, we’re also bundling in an additional 10 Elf Spearmen absolutely free!

As mentioned there is a wizard on horse exclusive to this set, which has been sculpted especially for this occasion after you guys asked for the Army Set. Sculpted by Bob Naismith, and painted by the guys at Golem Painting Studio, check it out below:
The brand new Elven Archers are also released on the 14th of March:
We had lots of requests for Elves who were firing their bows rather than carrying shields, and we make a big effort to listen to our customers, as we feel your feedback is always valuable.
So make sure you pick up your pre-orders here! and you will be the first to receive our latest releases."

News: Warhammer Forge Newsletter #4

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Hello all, Slick here. The latest Warhammer Fore newsletter is out and the massive Marienburg Land Ship is previewed! Seems like Fantasy is going Apocalypse with super-heavy style units. More practical is the Nuln Handgunner conversion set! This looks like a sign of good things to come as you can really customize your armies.

"Hi there,
We have more new releases for Empire players in this week’s Warhammer Forge Newsletter in the form of a detailed infantry conversion kit, the Nuln Ironsides, and a towering war machine, the ‘Marienburg’ class Land Ship. We have also updated our Events calendar with a reminder that reservation orders are now being taken for the Forge World Open Day, and finally we’ve got an exclusive preview of our second Event Only miniature for 2011.

Ead Brown
Forge World Customer Service Manager

‘Marienburg’ class Land Ship – The Wonder of the Age
Marienburg Class Land ShipThis towering behemoth is named after, commissioned by, and paid for by the vast coffers of the wealthy burghers of the independent city-state of Marienburg, notorious for having bought its secession from the Empire. The mighty Land Ship is an insane sight upon the field of battle. It is a mobile fortress of oak and iron that crushes enemy troops beneath its wheels and discharges volleys of deadly shot from its deck guns and light cannon. Mighty, that is, if the somewhat experimental boiler doesn’t catch fire, explode, or cause the wheels to fall off!

The Marienburg class Land Ship has been dubbed the ‘Wonder of the Age’ by the Imperial Gunnery School. Its sheer size and bulk makes up for the fact that it is neither as durable or as technologically advanced as the famed Steam Tanks of the Empire, and, despite not being quite as large or devastating a weapon as the worthies of Marienburg actually paid for, its array of deck guns and fearsome prow-mounted culverin add a potent edge of mobile firepower to the Marienburg arsenal.

This massive, superbly detailed, multi-part resin kit, designed by Tim Adcock and Mark Bedford, is supplied with six resin crew figures sculpted by Steve Whitehead: three Deck Gunners, a Captain, an Engineer-Steersman and a Lookout. Experimental rules for this massive, armoured miracle of engineering have been provided from the desk of writer Alan Bligh to allow you to use the Land Ship in any Empire army.

This immense war machine makes an imposing centrepiece and the simply jaw-dropping level of detail that Steve, Mark and Tim have achieved on this mechanical masterpiece and its flamboyant crew are a painter’s dream.

The ‘Marienburg’ class Land Ship is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 28th of March.

Nuln Ironsides Handgunner Conversion Kit
Nuln Ironsides HandgunnerThe ‘Ironsides’ are drawn from the guards and apprentices of the renowned Imperial Gunnery School. Clad in heavy armour and armed with master-wrought firearms, the Nuln Ironsides are one of the most widely respected and well equipped Handgunner regiments in the Empire.

The Nuln Ironsides Handgunner Conversion Kit, sculpted by Keith Robertson, contains ten resin Handgunner figures wearing heavy armour and is designed to be used with the plastic Empire Handgunner weapons. This is ideal for Detachments, as it allows modellers to build twenty missile troops (ten Crossbowmen and ten fully armoured Nuln Ironsides) using a single plastic kit and this finely detailed resin conversion kit.

The Nuln Ironsides conversion kit is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 28th of March. Again, Alan Bligh has provided this set of experimental rules for fielding this renowned unit in any Empire army."

Friday, March 11, 2011

Uncharted Seas: Dwarf Battleship Variant

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Hey all, we're testing a new Iron Dwarf Battleship variant in our local group. We've come to the conclusion that the Dwarves are just lacking a bit in their competitiveness in several areas. For some more long range firepower we've come up with the following variant:

Volcanus Class Battleship

DR 6 CR 12 Move 4 Hull 8 Crew 7 Ram 9

Starboard 11/9/7/4
Port 11/9/7/4
Fore 7/6/5/-
Aft 4/3/1/-
Mortar -/7/9/11

This is a Large Capital Class Standard Ship
Uses the Large template for moving and firing
Steam engines mean the ship IGNORES the wind direction
Deployed in Squadrons of 1 Model

Mortars* Fired in the same manner as a trebuchet. In addition the Mortars have the Flame Weapon MAR.

Points Cost: 150

The Dwarf Ferrous Class Battleship is a new variant on a proven battle platform. It retains the lower profile and angled armor of it the Forge Class while incorporating two massive mortars in the center of its hull. To make room for this heavier ordnance, Dwarven engineers had to remove some of its broadside weaponry. The carnage caused by a hit from the mortars, however, more than makes up for this. The crews of these mighty vessels love to watch the impact of mortars on enemy ships as they are set ablaze. Enemy commanders should still be wary of getting in too close as this machine can still deal out 11 Attack Dice (AD) at Range Band 1!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

News: Grey Knights up for Advance Order

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Hello all, Slick here. GW's latest newsletter reveals the Grey Knights for Advance Order! Stores also have the Black Box by now. Our store received theirs and the plastic Grey Knights are pure awesomesauce! The dreadknight looks amazing as well!

The new Grey Knights are available to Advance Order now

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Uncharted Seas: Tournament III Pics

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8 of 9 hits with a lot of re-rolls - ftw

News: New Orc & Goblin Minis

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Hello all, Slick here again. The latest GW newsletter features some of the cool new additions to the Orc range. Check them out below:

The Games Workshop Newsletter 04.03.2011
In this issue: The green tide rises up this weekend

New Orcs & Goblins are now available to buy

This weekend sees the launch of the new Orcs & Goblins miniatures. From the gargantuan Arachnarok Spider to the brutal Savage Orcs, the greenskins are surging forward to cause havoc in Hobby Centres across the world. Also available to buy is Warhammer Orcs & Goblins, the 112-page, full-colour hardcover army book, which is full of inspiration and information for those looking to build their own greenskin horde.

Head over to to see these exciting additions to the Warhammer range, or visit your local store to join in with the activities.

News: Forgeworld Newsletter #266

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Hello all, Slick here. Forgeworld's latest newsletter is out and the Cadian Hostile Environment conversion sets are now available for pre-order! Check out the full information below:

"Hi There,

In this Newsletter we have several more Cadian releases along with a reminder about the reservation process for the forthcoming Forge World Open Day. The keen-eyed will be able to spot an exclusive preview of our 2011 Event Only miniature as well.

Ead Brown

Cadian Hostile Environment Conversion Sets Now Available to Pre-Order
Cadian Hostile Environment SetsSupporting the Cadian Hostile Environment Conversion Set and Plasma Squad that we recently released are three more detailed upgrade kits, sculpted by Stuart Williamson, for use with the plastic Cadian range:

The Cadian Hostile Environment Melta Squad contains enough resin torsos to build three special weapons teams equipped with potent anti-tank melta guns, and is suitable for use with the full range of plastic Cadian kits.

The Cadian Hostile Environment Tank Crew contains three detailed resin tank commander figures, along with various weapon and equipment options. Each Hostile Environment Tank Crewman is suitable for use with the full range of Imperial Guard tanks produced by Forge World and Games Workshop.

The third Cadian release in this week’s Newsletter is the Cadian Hostile Environment Command Squad. This full resin set includes five Cadian infantry figures: a power fist-armed Senior Officer, a Guardsman equipped with a melta gun, a vox-operator, and two other Cadians armed with lasguns. The set also contains a scanner.

These new Cadian Hostile Environment sets are available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing the 28th of March.

Forge World Open Day – Reservations Now Being Taken
The annual Forge World Open Day returns to Warhammer World here in Nottingham on Sunday the 3rd of April, and as it’s now only a month away we have some more information for you.

We are now taking reservation orders for the Open Day 2011, and this is the best way to ensure that we will have the exact models you wish to purchase. This year we have made a few changes to the ordering process to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to collect your reservation on the day.

In addition to the main Sales Stand, which will be packed with the full range of Forge World and Warhammer Forge resin kits, books and modelling supplies, there will be a separate Reservations area where these orders can be collected at any point throughout the day. We will be taking payment for reservations in advance for this year’s Open Day, which means that you’ll be free to enjoy the rest of the event at your convenience.
To place a reservation, please telephone the Forge World Customer Service Team on 0115 916 8177; we’ll need to take your name, the list of items you’d like to reserve and a contact e-mail address for you. You will also need your credit or debit card details handy, as we’ll charge your card there and then, and shortly before the Open Day you will receive a confirmation e-mail that will contain your order number. You must bring a copy of this with you in order to collect your reservation.

Space MarineThe Open Day will also be the very first time that our 2011 Event Only model will be available. This is an exclusive miniature that can only be purchased at the Games Days and other events that we attend, and this year we’ve decided to do things a bit differently – there will actually be two Event Only models for 2011!
As you may have noticed, there is a sneak peek of one of these miniatures to the left of this text, and we will be bringing you more details over the coming weeks.

The Forge World and Warhammer Forge studio teams will have their own separate areas at this year’s Open Day to best showcase the variety of different work-in-progress projects, future releases and unique display pieces that will be available for you to view. Our Studio and Book Design teams will be present throughout the day to answer your questions, explain our design process and maybe even let slip a few hints about our future plans...

Keep an eye on the Forge World events pages for more details. "
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