Saturday, May 23, 2009

40K News: Planetstrike Pre-orders are available!

The pre-orders for Planetstrike have gone up and they look really cool and surprisingly they're priced rather fairly...(scary thought considering recent 'prices'). All of the Imperial stuff in this release is just simply great and if you read the product descriptions you're getting quite a bit such as with the Imperial Bastion and especially the Aegis Defense Line set. The Bastion gives you a lascannon mounted in a turret which could double up as a defense laser (think Apocalypse) while the Aegis set apparently includes a quad gun, which judging from the picture looks like a quad autocannon (can you say Hydra flak cannon turret?). You also get enough to make 28" of the defense lines! All that from one set! The two oddities in this release are the Chaos Bastion which is $16 more than its Imperial counterpart for what seem like minor cosmetic changes (it's Chaos, so let's add a ton of spikes...). The Skyshield Lnading Platform also seems a bit overpriced considering that it's basically just a big flat piece of plastic with supporting pillars. It seems like it should be price closer to the Imperial Bastion considering you get the bastion plus the aforementioned lascannon turret. The mines, bombs, and booby traps set also seems pretty cool and oddly enough the pieces are resin... (still though, they're nothing that one couldnt' easily convert). There is also an interesting little tidbit in the description of the Skyshield Landing Platform which states that it's even big enough to accommodate a Thunderhawk... could they possibly be dropping a hint there? One can only hope... In either case take a look at the pics below and follow the links to the various advance order pages. Comments welcome!

Planetstrike $25

Altogether some exciting news, getting to see all this stuff up for preorder! It wasn't too long ago where Planetstrike was merely a rumor. I'll definitely be snagging up a few Bastions and Defense Lines, and I'll probably break down and pick up one of the landing pads as well. What do you guys think? Anyone else getting excited for some planetary assaults? Combined with Apocalypse, Cities of Death/Cityfight, regular 40K, and even Battlefleet Gothic, you can now create some really cool campaigns!


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