Saturday, May 16, 2009

Empire: New Plastic Steam Tank in Hand

Hey Guys, Our LGS just got in a new plastic steam tank for the store which I get to assemble for them. This thing is on 2 sprues (likely to be 3 in the box - its one large one that can be separated into two smaller ones) and yet it costs the same as a valkyrie or landraider. This is absolutely ridiculous. There is less plastic in the steam tank kit than a freaking tactical squad of marines. This along with the goldswords is just bad all around. Your thoughts?

Yes, those three sprues are all there is to the plastic steam tank. A great model to be sure, lots of details, but let's be honest, there's just not much there, especially when compared to the following: plastic giant, plastic HE dragon, and especially the new plastic stegadon! Comment away!


Alliance on May 16, 2009 at 10:35 AM said...

I'm big on 40K and always had WHFB on the back burner, buying a few things here and there. This, combined with the upcoming price raise cooled whatever desire I had to do a WHFB and WotR armies. Once the price raise goes in effect I will sell all my WHFB stuff on eBay. Before that, I'll buy what ever i still need for my 40K and put a moratorium on buying any new models until i paint what I have. Which will be 4-5 years.

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