Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dogs of War: Maneater WIP

Hey all, small update here for the Dogs of War who haven't gotten much attention lately due to all the work going into churning out Blood Angels and various other pieces for Apocalypse. This is my Maneater with a great weapon and he rolls with a unit of 2 other Maneaters armed with Cathayan Longswords. This guy gets the chariot and knight killing duties with his 4 S7 attacks. These guys are definitely a blast to paint as there is a lot of detail to work on. I greenstuffed some extra chainmal pieces on him to lend him a more 'heavy armor' look. I still need to go back and hit some more highlights on the skin as well as the purple and yellow of his clothes. I'm going with a darker overall skintone on this guy just to set him apart from the other two. This guy like the other Maneaters is a repaint from a previous scheme that I wasn't quite satisfied with. I'm liking the two finished ones now compared to what they looked like before. IIRC purple and yellow/gold are Marienburg colors, but don't hold me to that. Comments welcome!


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