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Battle Report: The Battle of Bloody Peaks (Dogs of War vs Dwarfs)

The Battle of Bloody Peaks

A Dogs of War vs. Dwarfs Battle Report

High up in one of the countless valleys that crisscross the World’s Edge Mountains dark storm clouds gather, signifying but one more battle among countless others being waged in all corners of the world. It was late in the year and the mercenary company of Von Drachenheim had accepted a contract to raid a forgotten Dwarf hold. Their mysterious employer had provided them with the location and asked them to secure the site until her arrival. If necessary, that meant dealing with anyone, or anything for that matter, found occupying the forgotten hold and the surrounding area. The march up from Remas had been rather uneventful. Upon reaching the foothills the monotony of the march was broken by the occasional predations of marauding orc and goblin bands. To make matters worse they arrived at their destination expecting to find the deserted ruins of the Dwarf hold. What awaited them was a sizeable dwarf host camped outside the entrance and fortifying their position. Anselmus ordered the army to deploy for battle hoping to strike a decisive blow to dwarfs before they could completely fortify their defenses and entrench themselves among the ruins of the former hold’s outpost. Having fought the dwarfs on many occasions, Anselmus knew it would be a hard-fought battle for his mercenaries to dislodge the stubborn dwarfs. Fortunately, he had hired on several new troops for this contract. He hoped they would be enough to allow his army to prevail!

The following battle is a 3000 point battle between Dogs of War and Dwarfs and is the first in a short series of battle reports which will focus on the efforts of the Drachenheim Company to take the Dwarf hold.

An overview of the battlefield

Part I: The Armies Take to the Field!

The Dogs of War prepare to meet their stubborn Dwarf adversaries in battle!

The Dogs of War prepare a powerful flanking force

The mercenary battle line alternating between ranged and combat units is prepared to repulse any Dwarf advances while the flanking force prepares to overrun the defenders on the right flank.

The left flank of the mercenary army was centered on a large hill with a commanding view of the battlefield. The duty of holding this important part of the battle line was given to the Marksmen of Miragliano and the mercenary cannon team. A small scouting force of ogre bulls, duelists, and light cavalry were prepared to engage any enemy opposition and eventually link up with the main flanking force. Would everything go according to plan?

The view from the center of the Dwarf forces: numerous blocks of tough fighters backed by massed artillery would prove a tough nut for the mercenaries to crack!

The right flank of the Dwarf army. It would turn out that the Dwarfs concentrated a great deal of their leadership on this flank with the unit of hammerers containing the Dwarf King leading the army, supported by a Thane bearing his battle standard in the unit of warriors to his left. Together these two units hoped to be able to repel anything the mercenaries could throw at them.

The left flank of the Dwarf army: here the mercenaries hoped to launch their own flanking attack. While lacking the sheer combat power of the Dwarf right flank, this part of the battlefield was bristling with Dwarf war machines and a devastating surprise which the Dwarfs would unleash at close range.

This part of the battlefield also saw the deployment of Limpin Creep’s Fighting Mallards, a Halfling mercenary unit which had recently come to fame, impersonating the renowned Lumpin Croop’s Fighting Cocks, not only dressing similarly but also claiming to be better shots than Lumpin’s boys. Would the impostors be able to eliminate the real Lumpin and his Halflings and earn themselves the proper renown they had been seeking?

While scouting the Dwarf forces, Lumpin and his Halflings discovered their hated rivals among the enemy army. After returning from their scouting mission and relaying their information to the commanders, Lumpin and his Fighting Cocks proudly hoisted their banner, checked their bowstrings and arrows, and took their place in the battle line with determination, eager to deal with the impostors once and for all!


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