Friday, January 8, 2010

Dogs of War: Scratchbuilt Maneaters 1

Hey all, time for another Dogs of War update! I finally decided to get around to scratchbuilding a unit of Maneaters. The unit will all be armed with the 2 handgun/pistol option, as these guys are just pure badass when it comes to dishing out the pain. I definitely did not want to get more of the metal Maneaters - they are far too expensive and there is really only 1 model that would be suitable for this weapon option. What better way than to put the ever useful Ogre Bulls box to good use? This was also a chance to practice working with greenstuff which I have little to no ability with. All 3 ogres in this unit will be decked out with the tools of their trade and enough souvenirs from the various places they have fought. This guy decided to pick up some shields and use them as armor, taking both a marauder and empire shield off of the fools who decided to get in his way. I did say he was using two pistols/handguns right? He is holding handweapons but strapped to his back are a couple of pistols, ready to put a few S4AP caps in unsuspecting fools. Being a rather worldly ogre, he had to pick up a hat off of some silly Paymaster who had the nerve to withold payment. I will be working on the other 2 Maneaters for the unit before getting around to painting them up. Comments welcome!

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