Wednesday, January 20, 2010

News: Foregeworld Newsletter #230

Hi all, check out what arrived in the inbox today - the latest FW newsletter and WOW do the Guard get a badass new vehicle! (and no, it's not Leman Russ variant #259082)

Hi There,
First up a Happy New Year from Forge World! And an exiting year it's shaping up to be, with some fantastic new models, books and other surprises in store from us for the coming months. We have a brand new Imperial Guard vehicle released for our Elysian range this newsletter as well as some good news about shipping rates, some more updates.

Alan Bligh

New Shipping Offer
Thanks to the continued efforts of our shipping and dispatch department, we can now offer a change to our shipping rates, which should save you money on larger purchases from us.
Starting immediately, all orders with a total product value of £150 and over will automatically qualify for free standard rate shipping anywhere in the world.
As previously, all orders with a total product value of £250 or more will automatically qualify for free Express rate shipping anywhere in the world.
Orders with a product value of less that £150 will be charged our standard rates.

Tauros Venator Rapid Strike Vehicle
New for the Elysians is the Tauros Venator, a six-wheeled rapid strike and scout vehicle. Light, fast and heavily armed, these all terrain attack vehicles are used for rapid reconnaissance and savage lightning raids in support of the drop troop landings. Designed by Will Hayes, with Elysian crewmen by Simon Egan, this full resin model comes with the choice to mount either a twin-linked multi-laser or twin-linked lascannon as well as optional hunter-killer missiles. This is a great model and something genuinely new for the Imperial Guard and Elysian range, as you can see Here.

The Tauros Venator is available now to pre-order Here for dispatch the week commencing the 25th of January.

Rules for the Tauros, as well as other new Imperial Guard vehicles for the Elysians (including a new Valkyrie variant) can be found in our forthcoming book Imperial Armour Volume 8, and we'll have some experimental rules for you to download soon.

New Catalogue
We are in the final stages of preparation for our brand new 2010 Catalogue, (which means that orders shipping out at the moment will not include a free catalogue as we've run out of the old one). If you would like one of our 2010 catalogues, all you need to do is send us your name and full contact details and we will send you out one for free as soon as we get them into stock over the next few weeks. You can either email us your details at or give us a ring on 0115 916 8177.

Our packed schedule of events for 2010 begins this weekend at the Frenzy event in Amsterdam Saturday 23rd of January. Forge World will be in attendance with a sales stand and previews of some of our forthcoming models.

You can find more details of this event here.

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