Monday, January 18, 2010

News: GW Newsletter - War of the Rings Reinforcements

Hey all, another GW newsletter dropped, this time it's all about War of the Rings:

Games Workshop
The Games Workshop Newsletter 18.12.2010
In this issue: Advance Order: Plastic Winged Nazgûl, Rohan and Isengard Reinforcements

Advance Order: Winged Nazgûl

The Ringwraiths, or Nazgûl, were once Kings of Men. Their rings granted endless life but gradually enslaved the Kings to Sauron’s will. All that remains of them now is their twisted spirits. The Nine are the most deadly of all Sauron’s captains.

Winged Nazgûl Winged Nazgûl This all new plastic box set can build either a Ringwraith mounted on a Fell Beast, or the Witch-king himself mounted on his armoured Fell Beast and includes a sculpted scenic base. Add the Winged Nazgûl to your Mordor Legions and watch the Free peoples cower in fear.
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Advance Order: Rohan Reinforcements

Rohan is a kingdom born of battle. It was originally a great part of Gondor’s western domains, but was gifted to the Rohirrim in recognition of aid given during a time of great peril. These are dark times for the Rohirrim, but they shall not pass quietly into shadow.

Éomer, Marshal of the Riddermark Éomer, Marshal of the Riddermark This new version of Éomer makes an ideal leader for an Éored of Riders of Rohan, Rohan Royal Knights, Rohan Outriders or Sons of Eorl formation. Have this Epic Warrior of Edoras lead your Rohirrim to battle.
Grimbold GrimboldGrimbold’s Helmingas are a Legendary Formation of Warriors of Rohan who benefit from +1 courage. Add Grimbold to one of your Rohan formations today. Grimbold’s Helmingas Command Grimbold’s Helmingas Command This set includes a Rohan Banner Bearer. Add the Hornblower to any of your Rohan formations to add +1 to it’s move value.
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Advance Order: Isengard Reinforcements

Isengard lies upon Rohan’s eastern border. This is the stronghold of Saruman, wizard and loremaster, he who once led the Free Peoples in their opposition of Sauron. Now Isengard is empty, it’s denizens loosed upon naighbouring lands. Saruman’s day of destiny is fast approaching.

Saruman (Orthanc) Saruman (Orthanc) Our first ever sculpt of Saruman the White mounted on horse. Add this mobile, magic wielding Epic Hero to your formation of Warg Riders or Morgul Knights. Thrydan Wolfsbane Thrydan WolfsbaneNo Isengard force should be without Thrydan Wolfsbane, a Dunlending Epic Hero who will stand fast no matter how desperate the situation.
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