Friday, January 8, 2010

News: Mantic Games Newsletter

Hi all, another Mantic newsletter, looks like the release of the Undead is not far off now:

Ending Soon!

The Undead release is getting ever so much closer, which means that some of the Undead preorders are coming to a close!
On the 15th January, we will stop taking advance orders for the bag deals with a choice of either free Undead Skeleton Troop or Skeleton Command boxes. These deals are not to be missed if you're undecided what to spend your Christmas money on – you get both miniatures and a means of carrying them!

Also ending on the 15th January are the Undead Skeleton Regiment with bag and Undead Skeleton Regiment Deal with Bag deal. These offers take the bag deal even further, with the latter offering a mind blowing 60 plastic figures, giving you a whole heap of plastic Undead figures and all you need to transport them to your nearest gaming table.

There's not long to wait for the Undead launch, so you can check the deals out here.

Last chance offer

The Elves Christmas Army is ending on Monday 11th January meaning this weekend is your last chance to take advantage of the huge amount of discount this deal has to offer!

Containing an entire Elven Army, and all you need to carry it in, this set is the perfect way to start collecting a new army for the New Year. Also included in the Army Deal is the Stormwind Cavalry, new Elven models mounted on swift Elven steeds. These figures make an excellent centrepiece to the masses of plastic infantry the Christmas Army offers, which in turn are an absolute modellers due to the sheer amount of plastic parts you get!

If you've ever dreamt of having a truly massive army, follow this link as you only have until Monday to get this set!

Mantic Points

We've had a number of requests from people wondering what to do with their Mantic points – well, hold on to them! Many of you will have received postcards with your orders to which you can stick your Mantic Points to. If you haven't got a postcard, you can download one from our website here. Once you've got them stuck down, keep them safe, because the Mantic Points system is going live soon!

Collector’s Range

The Collector's Range is proving to be more popular than we could have ever imagined and numbers are still dwindling rapidly.
Made up of high quality 90mm resin Elf and Skeleton figures, these figures are limited to 75 casts and consist of either a Elven Spearmen or Bowman, or an Undead Skeleton.

Each Limited Edition model also comes with its own unique numbered certificate of authenticity, signed by the sculptor, and is despatched in its own Mantic storage/carry case. 

This is your chance to own a little piece of Mantic history. Perfect for displays, scenery, or even army themed giants, the Collector’s Range figures are available from the website now. Click here for more info.

We will be making other models in this range available in the future, so if you want to collect the set please use the 'contact us' when you order and we will add you to the 'reserved list' for future releases.

Mantic needs you!

Skilled with a paintbrush? Then Mantic wants you!

We are looking for fantastic painters to show off truly how great our figures look. We need top quality paint jobs to photograph and use on our website, blog and for any event shows we attend. This would work alongside the painters we already have and gives painters looking to expand their portfolio, break into the industry or simply paint some fantastic figures or units for cash or Mantic credit!

If you are interested in painting for Mantic then please submit your contact details and a few photos of your previous work to

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