Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hi all, another newsletter from Mantic Games hit the inbox:

Mantic Games Newsletter
What's in the box? Episode 2

As you are all aware, you can advance order the Skeletons from our website.

You may have sneaked a peek at the Skeleton Command sprue in the debut episode (!) of the “What’s in the Box?” video posted on our blog. As a New Year Treat we have just posted episode 2.

In it, we take a look over the Skeleton Troop Sprue (one of each sprue makes up the regiment set). Packed to the rafters with all sorts of undead gubbins to personalise your Army with, including the now infamous Skeletal Dog and even a clue as to race 3!

With weapons ranging from a choice of hand weapons or spears (or even a mix of both!), you can amass a huge number of visually stunning units quickly and at unbeatable value. To view the latest edition of the “What’s in the Box?” vidcast, follow this link.

Elven Cavalry now available for Pre-order!

The Elven Cavalry are now up on the website for advance order.

These metal figures are available in two sets, allowing you to either collect five cavalry figures with a champion, standard bearer and musician, or 5 standard Elven riders. Armed with lances and shields, these heavily armoured Elven Knights ride noble Elven steeds to battle. These horses are created in two halves and are interchangeable, allowing you to create a mixture of poses to add variety to the unit.

Continuing in true Mantic style, we have a bundle deal available combining the troop and command cavalry sets together, all at a special price of course. If you’ve ever wanted an army of cavalry to storm down your enemies flanks, or are simply looking for the most affordable way to pick up metal cavalry figures, this deal is the only way to go.

To advance order your cavalry now, click here or here for a full Elven force with 100’s of models at a very special price.

Happy New Years!

2010 is finally upon us - we hope you enjoyed the celebrations! We plan to make 2010 a very exciting time for Mantic, starting with the huge Undead range being launched over the next few months, and more miniature goodness coming with metal models for both the Elves and Undead. We will be attending lots of gaming shows in Europe and the USA, race 3 is on the horizon and we’ve also a few surprises lined up along the way…but for now we’d just like to wish you all a very happy New Years and a wonderful 2010!

The Mantic Team

Time is running out...

In our goal to make mass armies affordable, we still have the Undead Skeleton Regiment Deal available.

Offering a whopping 60 skeletons for the price of a Warhost, this deal can either be purchased individually or with a bag, and is a great way to amass a horde of skeletons quickly.

Collector’s Range

The Collector's Range is made up of high quality 90mm resin Elf and Skeleton figures and are available in strictly limited quantities.

Consisting of either a Elven Spearmen or Bowman, or an Undead Skeleton, each model comes with its own unique numbered certificate of authenticity, signed by the sculptor, and is despatched in its own Mantic storage/carry case.

This is your chance to own a little piece of Mantic history as only 75 of these exceptionally rare figures will ever be produced. Perfect for displays, scenery, or even army themed giants, the Collector’s Range figures are available from the website now. Click here for more info.

We will be making other models in this range available in the future, so if you want to collect the set please use the 'contact us' when you order and we will add you to the 'reserved list' for future releases.
Looks like the Elves are getting some reinforcements! Hopefully the Undead range turns out as nicely as the Elves.
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