Monday, March 22, 2010

Blood Angels: First Impressions

Hi all, Slick here. I finally got a chance to test the new Blood Angels codex, in a massive Apocalypse game no less. While I certainly didn't get to use everything in the list, I did field a lot of the new units and characters. The game itself was 2 vs 2 with Imperial Guard & Blood Angels vs 2 Chaos Space Marine players. To make a long story short, our opponents essentially had to concede at the end of turn 3!

Let me break down my impressions of the new Blood Angels as well as some new units Apocalypse-only units I used.

Vulture w/dual punisher cannons: This was the first time I got to use my flyer and I must say it was well worth it! In only two turns of action it managed to take down a greater demon and put some serious wounds on a Nurgle Biker squad. This thing is just plain badass, especially when the opposition has little in the way of dealing with flyers.

Mephiston: This guy is an absolute beast and a serious step up from his last iteration in the pdf codex. Mephiston came on in turn 2 and wiped out 7 Nurgle Terminators and put and ended up killing Tyhpus as well. The 3 psychic powers a turn are just plain brutal.

Librarian Furioso: I decided to try one of these out and it performed pretty damn well, dealing the last structure point to one of their superheavies. I definitely want to try these guys out in a regular game.

Death Company & Reclusiarch: The new DC are expensive in numbers. I ran a squad 0f 10 with a Reclusiarch and they basically made a squad of Nurgle Marines and minor demons disappear in a combo charge. I definitely want to try out some of the variations that these guys can be equipped with. It's kind of scary that you can field up to 30 DC in a single unit. The Reclusiarch granting re-rolls to hit and wound is really brutal.

Baal Predators: The scout ability for these tanks is awesome. I used my 2 Baals to effect, going after a lightly held objective held by just one Chaos Marine squad. The flamestorm cannon upgrade for Baal Predators was fairly effective too.

Hopefully we can get in a rematch game sometime soon. I really want to test the Stormraven gunships.
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