Tuesday, March 16, 2010

News: GW Newsletter - Honored Imperium

Hello all, Slick here. Another GW newsletter hit the inbox today and it looks like some excellent new 40K terrain is on the way! Check out the Honored Imperium advanced order below. This looks like it will be an awesome set - especially the Space Marine statue and broken Aquila!

The Games Workshop Newsletter 16.03.2010
In this issue: Advance Order: Honoured Imperium

Advance Order: Honoured Imperium

The Honoured Imperium is an all-new collection of characterful Warhammer 40,000 scenery that includes a foreboding 6-inch high Space Marine statue, a broken aquila and a section of ruined building.

Honoured Imperium Honoured Imperium
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Make sure you have all the scenery you need to turn your gaming table into a mighty arena of war with these other great Warhammer 40,000 scenery sets that are available to buy now.

Imperial Sector Imperial SectorPowerful lasers, explosive bolt rounds, searing melta blasts: the weapons of the far future can reduce even well armoured warriors to ash. Take advantage of the great value Imperial Sector set and give your troops the advantage of a cover save!
Imperial Strongpoint Imperial StrongpointThe Strongpoint contains two Bastions and three Aegis Defence Lines, and will provide over 6' of defence lines! Create a nigh-impenetrable defence set-up with this massive kit or combine it with other terrains sets to form an immense fortification.
Fortress of Redemption Fortress of RedemptionThe Fortress of Redemption is a massive Warhammer 40,000 scenery piece. Ideal as an Indomitable Fortress in games of Planetstrike or as an objective in regular games of Warhammer 40,000, no scenery collection should be without this mighty structure.
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