Saturday, March 20, 2010

News: Mantic Newsletter

Hello all, Slick here. Another Mantic newsletter is out this week and it looks like the Undead releases are in full swing! Mantic is still running their Free Shipping offer so be sure to take advantage of that if you plan to get anything from the Undead range.

Mantic Games Newsletter

In the last two weeks a lot of new subscribers have joined us from the free Ghouls offer. To you all; Welcome to the Journey! We try and keep the newsletter short, but fill it with the latest news, offers and pictures (the best rumours, and our attempts at humour are usually found on our blog). I hope you enjoy what you see here, please tell your friends about Mantic, and what we are trying to achieve (great minatures, big armies at a fair price), and I thank you sincerly for your support.

New Collector's Range Ghoul available for pre-order

The first two limited edition Miniatures from the Collector's Range have already sold half of our initial run of 75 (not bad in just 8 weeks!), meaning that we have strictly limited quantities left in the warehouse. We are now making the next in the series available for order.

After reading the blog about the sculptor's experience
creating the incredible new ghouls, we thought everyone would like the option to get their hands on one of the originals. The Ghouls have been exceptionally popular and we thought that this gruesome figure would make for a fantastic painters and collector's piece. Again we will be limiting this to just 75 copies ever, and they will come in their own box, with a signed certificate of Authenticity, for just £25 - and post free if they are ordered in March (FREEDELWW).

Anyone who signed up last time around to receive notification of upcoming Collector's figures have been able to place their orders early, and will have their figure shipped first, so if you want to get your hands on the next collectors figures early, make sure you let us know by using the Contact form.

Undead Revenants shipping - Balefire Catapult now in the warehouse!

You've seen the new photographs on the website, you've seen the video review, and now the Revenants are released and shipping!

Finely detailed, plastic models, these sets let you field the elite of an Undead army onto the battlefield, alongside the Skeleton infantry and slavering Ghouls.

Furthermore, mark the 25th March in your diary, the Balefire catapult has asrrived in the Warehouse. The Undead Warhost will be shipping on Thursday, after all the pre-orders. We appreciate it's been a bit of a wait, and we thank you all for your patience, but all warhosts, including those that are part of a deal, will begin shipping immediately.

With an abundance of Mantic points, and over 50 plastic figures, the Warhost is the way to get yourself a whole load of Mantic figures to add to your existing army, or to start a completely new Undead army. With free shipping running out soon, make sure you order yours now.

The Extended Free Worldwide shipping is ending 31st March, so remember to make use of your FREEDELWW code in the webstore now!

Final Chance

Mantic Games are still taking applications for two Trade Sales Executives vacancies up until the 26th March. If working in a highly experienced sales team with excellent opportunities grabs your attention, please send in your CV as soon as possible.

For more information on the job role and contact information, please view the recruitment page.

Come and see us!

This weekend we will be attending two Events, where we'll be available to chat about all things miniatures, and more besides. We'll be bringing some painted miniatures, challenging you guys to beat our speedbuilding record, and will probably at some time divulge our entire release schedule (again).

On the 20th March, we're going to be at Maelstrom Games' Eye of the Storm at the "Winter Incursion" event.

On the 21st March, we're going to be with the guys from Warlord Games at the West Midlands Military Show, and will be on hand to talk about all things fantasy.

To keep up to date with all new events, please check out our Events Diary Here, which will be continuously updated as we confirm new place
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