Saturday, March 20, 2010

News: GW Newsletter

Hello all, Slick here. Another GW newsletter is out - this time it's essentially all about the new Chimera and Basilisk kits which have hit store shelves. As I mentioned in a previous thread, the new Chimera kit is nice in that it is easier to assemble and includes the various weapon options found in the Imperial Guard Codex. The new Basilisk kit, while also being easier to assemble, is simply underwhelming as GW really missed an opportunity here to produce a multi-variant kit as they did with the Demolisher set. The other part of the newsletter features upgrade sprues that you can buy to customize your tanks - sprues which were included in the old boxes but now are sold separate. There are also some Tank Commander and characterful Tank Crew minis to add to your Guard forces.

The Games Workshop Newsletter 19.03.2010
In this issue: New Tanks!

New Chimera and Basilisk

It is the tanks and armoured vehicles of the Imperial Guard that give their enemies cause to tremble. Under the cover of ground-shaking artillery barrages, whose very vibrations can snap a man's bones, vast columns of Chimera armoured carriers shoot ahead of the main Imperial Guard advance and disgorge infantry into the heart of the enemy defence.

Recreate these devastating battle tactics with the updated Chimera and Basilisk kits. They now come with all of the weapon options listed in Codex: Imperial Guard and are easier than ever to assemble.

Chimera Chimera Chimeras are an integral part of any Imperial Guard army. This kit is now more straightforward to assemble than before and includes all the weapon options from Codex: Imperial Guard.
Basilisk Basilisk The Basilisk kit now includes the new Chimera chassis so it too is easier to assemble than before. Pound the enemy into the dirt with the thunderous shells fired by this mobile artillery platform's massive earthshaker cannon.
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Personalised Armour

Every Imperial Guard vehicle is a multi-part plastic kit that can be assembled in a variety of ways and includes dozens of optional extras. However, you can personalise them even further with our range of Bitz Packs and accessories.

Tank Accessories Tank AccessoriesTank crews often upgrade their vehicles with extra weaponry, armoured track sections, and bolt-on all manner of fuel drums, packs and equipment. Tank Commanders Tank Commanders With the Imperial Guard Tank Commanders Bitz Pack you can upgrade any of your Imperial Tanks to command vehicles.
Tank Crew Tank CrewTank crews often upgrade their vehicles with extra weaponry, armoured track sections, and bolt-on all manner of fuel drums, packs and equipment. Leman Russ Accessories Leman Russ AccessoriesAdd track guards, stowage, additional weaponry and a host of other accessories to your Imperial Guard vehicles with this packed frame.
Stowage StowageThis set contains fuel canisters, bed rolls, equipment packs and ammo boxes - perfect for adding extra character to your Imperial Guard vehicles. Aquilas AquilasThese metal aquilas are ideal for adding extra detail to the hulls and turrets of your tanks and make for great focal points on a vehicle.
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Battle Missions Available Now

Battle Missions is a brand-new supplement for Warhammer 40,000 that contains more than thirty new missions for you to play. Each mission is designed to provide you with a battle that will really challenge your ability as a commander on the war-torn battlefields of the 41st Millennium.

Battle Missions Battle MissionsNo matter what Warhammer 40,000 army you collect, Battle Missions will add a new dimension to your games and expand your knowledge of the background and battle-tactics of the armies of the 41st Millennium. This is a must-have book for all Warhammer 40,000 collectors.
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