Sunday, March 7, 2010

News: Mantic Newsletter

Hello all, Slick here. Another Mantic Newsletter hit the inbox and again it's packed full of awesome new stuff. More Undead are being released and it looks like the Elves are getting a lord on a dragon soon as well! Also, Mantic is starting their points reward program which looks like it has some pretty cool prizes available. They are also apparently set to release their own paint range soon. It definitely looks like Mantic is doing well and doing things the right way --- making the customers happy. If you haven't checked their site yet, I would definitely recommend it!

Mantic Games Newsletter

You know we said keep those point stickers...

Mantic Games are proud to announce the launch of their reward scheme – Mantic Points - you can save your points to claim exclusive rewards.

In every box of Mantic product there is a number of Mantic Points (usually on the sticker sheet; you normally get 1 per 10 figures or
per Warmachine), so a Warhost will get you 6 Mantic points (as well as already being fantastic value for a big box of fun!). We will also give them out at events and as competition prizes.

You stick the points on to a collector’s card, and send them in to us and we redeem them. Cards can be found in mail orders, packed in the product, at your local hobby store, and downloadable from the web (you can always use a piece of paper from home – just remember to add your name and address to it!)

You can now redeem your points and select some incredible gifts, including unit champions, Mantic mugs, signed artwork, key rings and free Mantic product. The top rewards are an Elven General planning his battle strategy over his (very Elven) wargames table, and Mhorgoth the Faceless - the Necromancer from the art of the new range of Mantic Undead, complete with burning orbs instead of hands. Both these models are redeemable for 50 Mantic points. They are totally free of charge (you don’t even pay P&P!) and will not be made available for sale – they will only be available as Mantic Points rewards and occasional prizes –so very rare and exclusive!

Click here to look at the rewards sheet.
The Undead Warhost is available for pre-order. –shipping 25th March
We are expecting the balefire catapult any day now (sorry again to those of you who have been waiting for this – I am sure you will get a few extra Mantic Points in the box when they arrive!) and when it does we can start sending out the Undead Warhost – which makes collecting a fantastic (and big) Undead army both easy, fun and affordable!

The set contains:
  • A unit of 20 Skeleton Warriors including Command troops
  • A unit of 20 Revenants – elite armoured Skeleton Warriors with Command
  • 10 of the fantastic new Ghouls, and
  • A Balefire Catapult, a war devastating machine with fully equipped crew!
To celebrate the launch of Mantic points and the Undead Warhost we are offering several new deals on the website, so make sure you check out the link in the sidebar to see more!

Click here to advance order your Warhost now (shipping on 25th March).
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