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Hello all, Slick here. The coolest newsletter ever just arrived from GW - The Blood Angels Advance Orders are up! The new Blood Angels minis are nothing short of epic! April is going to be a very very expensive month! I'm going to have to pick up pretty much one of everything, maybe more!

The Games Workshop Newsletter 08.03.2010
In this issue: Blood Angels Advance Order; Web Exclusive Vanguard Veteran

Blood Angels - available to advance order today

The Blood Angels are as vicious as they are noble, and prefer to smite their foes in deadly close combats. With a brand-new codex; three new plastic sets, each replete with options; and a host of new metal characters available to advance order from today, the Sons of Sanguinius have never been better equipped for the task.

Codex: Blood Angels Codex: Blood AngelsThe Blood Angels are honoured Space Marines of the First Founding and excel at close quarter fighting. Codex: Blood Angels is the essential guide to these noble warriors, advance order yours here.
Death Company Death CompanyThe Death Company are for the first time available as a multi-part plastic kit: not only can you assemble a unique looking squad, but you'll also have a host of components left-over to customise your other squads with.
Sanguinary Guard Sanguinary GuardThe Sanguinary Guard are the most elite warriors of the Blood Angels. These all-new plastic models are intricately detailed and embody the Artifice and angelic savagery of the Blood Angels. Take a closer look at what's in the set here.
Baal Predator Baal PredatorThe Baal Predator is the Blood Angels signature tank. Available for the first time as a multi-part plastic kit, you can see more of the weapon and assembly options, including the deadly flamestorm cannon, here.
The Sanguinor, Exemplar The Sanguinor, ExemplarThe Sanguinor is an all-new Blood Angels character who represents all of the noble aims of the Chapter. With a ton of special rules and powerful abilities he's the ideal choice to lead your Blood Angels force.
Astorath the Grim Astorath the GrimAstorath is another all-new Blood Angels character. He embodies the dark, cursed nature of the Chapter and makes for a characterful addition to a force resplendent with Death Company and Chaplains.
Chapter Master Gabriel Seth Chapter Master Gabriel SethGabriel Seth is the Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers, a Blood Angels successor Chapter. Armed with the mighty Blood Reaver, Seth has S8 Rending attacks and is a ferocious close combat opponent.
Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost Lemartes, Guardian of the LostChaplain Lemartes is the living embodiment of the Death Company - a Chaplain who has himself succumbed to the Black Rage. Yet he remains in control of his rage and continues to lead his brothers to a glorious end.
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Web exclusive miniature

This model is the latest addition to the Available to Order range. These miniatures are available via in-store order points or the Games Workshop web site.

Blood Angels Vanguard Veteran Sergeant Blood Angels Vanguard Veteran SergeantMembers of the Blood Angels 1st Company excel as elite assault troops, deep striking into the most intense parts of the battlefield. They perform acts of extreme heroism, cutting the heart from the enemy army and allowing the Blood Angels to triumph.
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