Sunday, June 20, 2010

News: GW Newsletter - 2010 Citadel Catalogue

Hello all, Slick here. The latest GW newsletter is out and it's essentially just a repeat of one of the recent ones previewing the 2010 Citadel Catalogue. As I've previously stated, the really isn't much of a reason to buy this, unless your a die-hard fan/collector. Everything can be found on GW's site for free. You can find pictures of virtually any mini with a little bit of searching...

The Games Workshop Newsletter 18.06.2010
In this issue: Your Citadel catalogue has arrived

Out now: 2010 Citadel Catalogue

The new edition of the Citadel Catalogue has a staggering 624-pages - it's 50% thicker than the 2009 edition! That's more full-colour pages showcasing gorgeous Citadel miniatures painted by the 'Eavy Metal Team, more pages of hobby-goodness for you to draw inspiration from, and more glorious Citadel miniatures for you to add to your collection.

Inside the catalogue you'll find details of the full range of models for Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and The Lord of the Rings. You'll also find all of the Bitz Packs, some examples of the different ways you can use them to personalise your force, and perhaps even find the inspiration for your next conversion.

As well as the entire range of Citadel miniatures, the 2010 Catalogue also showcases all Games Workshop's scenery and hobby range.

Available to Order range

The Citadel Catalogue contains every single Citadel miniature available, many of which are available exclusively on The Available to Order range contains specialised units and characters for you to tailor your collection with. This week we've added a host of new Imperial Guard and Space Marine packs to the range, two of which you can see below. Check out the website to see the full range of new packs that we have added today.

Imperial Guard Storm Troopers Imperial Guard Storm Troopers

Storm Troopers are the elite of the Imperial Guard - expert warriors, clad in carapace armour and wielding fearsome hot-shot lasguns. Add these nigh unstoppable combat elite to your Imperial Guard army.

White Scars Commander White Scars Commander

The White Scars are experts in lightning warfare and devastating hit-and-run tactics. They prefer to fight from the saddles of their powerful Space Marine bikes, where their skill at arms is supplemented by twin-linked bolters and sturdy armour plating.

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