Sunday, June 27, 2010

Apocalypse: The Assault on Darius IX

Hello all, Slick here with some details for our upcoming Apocalypse campaign:

Game Preserve Apocalypse Campaign 2010

The Assault on Darius IX

There is only war! This summer the world of Darius IX will burn as the enemies of the Imperium gather like vultures circling prey. Located on the Eastern Fringe, close to the boundary between Imperial and Tau space, Darius IX is a major manufacturing center as well as an important stop along several trade routes. The various xenos races and traitorous forces all have their reasons for invading this Imperial world. Raise your armies and come play your part in the heroic defense or brutal destruction of Darius IX! The war is on!

This year’s Apocalypse Campaign will build upon the previous Lucky 13s campaign with veteran Apocalypse players being joined by new recruits. This campaign will differ from standard campaigns in that it will combine the standard Apocalypse format with aspects of Planetstrike and Battle Missions for a truly unique game-play experience!

Each mission in this Apocalypse campaign will feature unique scenarios with multiple mission objectives, many of which will be faction specific. One of the new features being introduced in this campaign are Factions. Generally, Apocalypse battles have featured all of the Imperial forces versus a mix of all the other 40K armies which leads to Tau, Chaos, Orks, Tyranids etc. all being on the same side which tends to make for some uneven games. To add some flavor to these games there will be multiple sides or factions involved in each battle. Along with multiple objectives, having different factions will force players to strategize more, create more exciting gameplay as there will be less player downtime (ie shorter turns), and will give individual players a greater stake in the success or failure of their faction!

For example, a battle might feature two space marine players paired with two imperial guard players as they fight off an army of Chaos Raiders (2 players) and also deal with a planetary assault by the Tau (2 players) and the threat of an Ork Waaagh!(another 2 players). The Chaos, Tau and Ork teams are all attacking Darius IX for their own reasons and thus the defending Imperial players are not facing one giant mob of enemies who wouldn’t be working together in any case, but rather 3 very different threats, each with their own agenda. There may even be other threats lurking. The attacking players are competing against both the Imperial forces and each other to secure a foothold on the planet while the Imperial forces will have to choose how and where to best defend themselves.

The battle begins July 17th!

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