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News: Mantic Newsletter

Hello all, Slick here. The latest Mantic newsletter is out and Mantic is looking for people to keep spreading the word about their fantastic range of minis. Find out how you can get involved below:

Mantic Games Newsletter
Please join the Mantic Crusade – we need heroes to help spread the gospel!!

We now have an ever growing range of high quality fantasy miniatures, which we are determined to sell at great prices to enable real enthusiasts to build big armies without breaking the bank. Each set comes in its own storage case (so no nasty cardboard clogging up the environment), and DVD size cases so you can smuggle them past mothers and wives!

We hope to bring a revolution to massed games of Fantasy Battle – affordable armies, available in unit and bigger sized boxes that are a pleasure to put together and quick to get onto the gaming table.

We also like to have some fun – please go here to see our latest price rise announcement…

But seriously…we do need YOUR help to spread the word, to make sure the products are available to others and to ensure we get enough people on board with the Mantic revolution to allow us to do some of the truly bonkers stuff we have planned (give Ronnie enough beer and he will usually tell all!)
We already have two plastic armies with a third about to take to the gaming table, and a fourth marching over the horizon (and there are a few very exciting distractions before then too!).

However, we want our products to be more convenient and for more hobbyists to get to know about the Mantic Crusade - and this is where we need your help.

There are a number of things you can do to assist...and the main way simply to spread the word about the Mantic - so all can share in the joy of huge armies at fair prices!

Here is a few examples of how you can 'share the love':
  1. Hand this e-mail onto as many like minded people you know, or send your friends a link to the site, or talk about us at your club night – the best help you can give us is simply to tell people about Mantic, and how super we are ;0)
  2. Please post this appeal, or our price rise video ;) onto any suitable web sites!
  3. Please get more people to sign up for the Mantic Games Newsletter at; or become a friend on facebook.
  4. Enquire if your local retailer will stock the product. In the USA he can get it via any of the main distributors; in the UK and Europe they can come direct to us, or also from a number of distributors. Any Trader can contact Mantic at for more information, and we will help them find the best solution;
  5. Even better tell us about your local trade account and we will contact them – and if he stocks the Mantic range, we will send you a Warhost of your choice! Just use 'contact us' on the site.
  6. Best of all, try something from the Mantic range – you can get it direct from , or from your local Hobby store (if they have it), pop into one of the Hobbycraft stores, where they have a good range, or shop via a specialist Hobby e-tailer
To visit our full list of stockists, please go here,

and finally, to those of you that have supported Mantic so far –
Thank you! We really appreicate all the help we have recieved from the gaming community - please keep it up.

p.s. watch out for Dwarf week 3, starting soon on a Mantic blog near you.
The Mantic Gallery

The Mantic Gallery has updates – we are now getting lots of pictures pouring in with great paint jobs and conversions, and we are getting them posted up on the gallery section – please keep them coming.

Get a free Mantic Bag

Pop along to our site, any orders over £50, 75, $99 will receive a FREE Mantic Messenger bag. Click here to visit the shop.

On the road

This week end we are at Games Expo, Birmingham please come along and see us. You can find the event details and other future events on our website.
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