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News: Mantic Newsletter

Hello all, Slick here. The latest Mantic Newsletter is out and there are more Dwarfs on the way! As is usual, Mantic is throwing out some awesome army deals for those looking to start the army. Read on for more information.

Mantic Games Newsletter
The Dwarfs march!

The gentle breeze ruffled the King's beard as he stood surveying the troops below him, hidden among the rocks. His Scouts has been tracking the Orc raiding party's progress for nearly a week, and the trail of mayhem and chaos had been appalling - with villages, mines and outposts all laid to waste.

War King Grafe shifted his heavy armour and tightened the straps holding it in place. He lifted his mighty hammer in his right arm and gently rested it against his shield. He knew his War Engineers had laid traps across the entrance to the valley to stop the inevitable Orc rout, and his Ironwatch were positioned above the valley with crossbows and rifles at the ready. At the valley head were his Ironbelchers, a huge array of cannons and Organ guns, and even two of the rare Fire Belchers, all primed with Cannonball and Grapeshot. The 'kicking mules' would feast today.

By Grafe's side were his King's retinue, a unit of 50 heavily armoured Ironclads, ranked 10 wide and 5 deep, the centre of the Dwarf Army. To their left and right more units of Ironclads stood, and between them units of Shield Breakers, their huge two-handed weapons at the ready...

A Dwarf army at war is truly a sight to be behold and, for the continuation of this story, you can read the rest here on the website as one of the many 'Tales from the Forge'.
Dwarf Week 3 on the blog has culminated in the latest pre-orders for the Dwarf army including the Dwarf Ironwatch, Dwarf Ironbeards and the ultimate in dwarf sets... the Dwarf Warhost! For more information of these brand new sets, including release dates, for the Dwarfs, follow this link here.

In addition, and we know that this is the set you've all been waiting for, we've put up the Dwarf Army for preorder!

A truly massive set containing no less than 40 Dwarf Ironclad Warriors, 40 Dwarf Ironwatch, 4 Ironbelcher Cannon/Organ Guns, 5 Ironbeards, 10 Berserkers, a Flame Belcher and a FREE Dwarf Hero Set (phew!), the Dwarf King's Throng is near enough an army in a box (though still nowhere near big enough for us!). With options to arm the Ironwatch with rifles or crossbows, the ability to take a mix of cannons and organ guns, and of course all of the cross-kit conversion potential, this set also includes the metal Ironbeards – a unit of Dwarf Veterans, the High King's Counsel, a Flame Belcher cannon and the Berserkers – maybe our most ambitious deal to date? We'll let you decide on that one!

This army deal will be shipping August 18th as one box – and what a box it'll be!

Two new Collector's Figures now available

The Collector's Range way is a) a way to own a piece of Mantic history b) get a limited edition, high quality resin figure and c) the only way to get some of the coolest figures out there, but massive!

We've now put a Dwarf Ironclad onto the the website. Limited to 75 casts, this resin figure is a beauty and highly detailed to boot. Naturally, we've also had to put the Dwarf Dog on there too, and we have an unlimited number of casts of this sculpt available, so check them out in the shop!
Remember, these sculpts are cast by hand to order so there is a natural lead time of a couple of weeks.
England versus Algeria!

Remember guys, we have the 3LIONSNEWS 10% discount code running until England lose a game in the World Cup – we've already had a draw with the US, so who knows how this game will go?

Don't miss this opportunity!

After the sterling job that Phil did for us at the Durham Wargames show last weekend, Forge Games will once again be flying the Mantic flag at the Phalanx show in St. Helens on Saturday 19th June, and Valhalla on Sunday 20th June. Phil will be there with the entire range, so if you want to get Mantic, he's your man! Click here for the updated Events Diary.

For our American friends, make sure you get along to Origins next week, where we will have a stand with lots of goodies, lots of gossip and rumour - and perhaps even a chance to buy the very first Dwarf box sets! Say hi to Jim on the Mantic stand, and make him give you a freebie!

Shipping Dates

It is always our plan to set clear release dates clearly into the future, but with so much going on we have always been finding time and events catching us up. Apologies that we have never been able to set these out as far as we would like, however...

On July 19th we will be shipping the second set of Dwarf releases:

Dwarf Ironwatch troop
Dwarf Ironwatch Regiment
Dwarf Ironbeards unit
Dwarf Paint set

On August 18th we will be shipping:

Dwarf Warhost
Dwarf Storm of Iron Detachment (ranged attacks and Cannon)
Dwarf Forge Guard Detachment (Ironclads and warmachine)
Dwarf Iron Belcher
Dwarf Iron Belcher Battery

...and come back soon to find out our incredible releases for September!!!

Elf Stormwind Cavalry

With our spotlight well and truly focused on the Elf Stormwind Cavalry, we're still offering 15% off of this gorgeous metal set – with the world cup deal possibly ending, now is a fantastic opportunity to grab a bargain and get yourself some heavy cavalry!
Click here to check out these excellent sets.

Shipping next week

On the 25th June the following Dwarf sets are shipping:
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