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News: Mantic Newsletter - Malak Pre-Order

Hello all, Slick here. Mantic's latest newsletter is out and their new Malak miniature is up for pre-order! It looks like a fairly nice centerpiece for an undead army. There is also a corresponding army deal being offered, so if you want to amass an undead horde and not spend big money, then you might want to check that out.

Mantic Games Newsletter
The Malak pre-order deal ends this weekend

With the Revenant cavalry soon becoming a stock line and the new Dwarf range starting to come out, this is the last weekend you can pick up the Malak deal.
It has over 100 Undead models, and includes 5 metal Wraiths, 5 of the incredible Armoured Skeleton cavalry, a full set of Heroes and Necromancers, and the Undead Pegasus with Vampire Lord.
When you add in the 40 skeleton warriors, 40 armoured Skeleton Warriors, 20 Ghouls and the warmachines you have a truly massive Undead army – easily 2000 points worth, even more when you scatter a few magic items about.
With Mantic models already offering by far the best way to buy a fantasy battle army, this offer is a one off. It was a special offer to celebrate the launch of our Undead Army, so you will not see anything like it again.

So, whether you have a Vampire army that needs just a few more models (!), or intend to start a new army at a sensible price, – please get along to the site and look at the deal. It ends midnight Sunday.

Malak dies Sunday at midnight! Don't miss it.

Collectors Range

We now have available the resin Dwarf Collectors Edition, and of course his trusty pit dog.
As with all the Collectors range, the model is limited to just 75 copies (although we have not limited the dog!), so get along now to collect a piece of Mantic history.

The VIP list:

If you want to collect 1 of each resin model we do have a VIP preview list. Once you have bought any model in the Collectors range you can chose to be added to the VIP list. This gives you a chance to buy the resin casts before they go on open sale. This route is becoming increasingly popular. To add your name to the list if you are interested email here:
Events Diary

This weekend we are spanning the globe. We are at Origins in Columbus Ohio, where our Elf range has been short-listed as best miniatures range of 2009. We also have a stand with some Dwarfs, lots of painted 3-ups (including a 3-up of the September releases!) lots, or goodies, freebies, and the full range of Mantic Products, including some show deals, messenger bags and the Journal. Pop along and say hi to Jim!

We are also in attendance at the ETC Warhammer tournament at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. Our man with the plan, Chris Palmer will be visiting his mum in Wales, and be in attendance by day with lots of 3-ups, gossip and soldiers. Firestorm will have the full range, being one of our premium stockists.

And finally, we will also be attending Q con in Belfast - so wherever you are, get out and meet us this weekend!

Please get along to these events and share the love (of War!)

Shipping in June

All the Dwarf pre-orders for IronGuard will be shipping today, so look forward to pile of lovely toy soldiers landing with you soon.

The next newsletter will back to being all things Dwarf, until then here is a list of next months releases.

On July 19th we will be shipping the second set of Dwarf releases:
  • Dwarf Ironwatch Troop
  • Dwarf Ironwatch Regiment
  • Dwarf Ironbeards unit
  • Dwarf Paint set
On August 18th we will be shipping:
  • Dwarf Warhost
  • Dwarf Storm of Iron Detachment (ranged attacks and Cannon)
  • Dwarf Forge Guard Detachment (Ironclads and warmachine)
  • Dwarf Iron Belcher
  • Dwarf Iron Belcher Battery
...and come back soon to find out our incredible releases for September!!!

..and don't forget the Grafe's Steel Legion the new Dwarf Army deal is now available for pre-order with a full Dwarf army for just silly money!
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