Friday, June 11, 2010

News: Mantic Newsletter

Hello all, Slick here. The latest Mantic Newsletter is out and aside from Football related news, check out the awesome Vampire cavalry below! There are also updates in the developing Dwarf miniatures range!

Mantic Games Newsletter

Some of you may know that the Football World Cup kicks off today... and we like our football here over at Mantic. Although we are all getting jolly patriotic we want to share our joy with everyone!

So, until England lose a football game at the 2010 World Cup you can get 10% off all Mantic products - even if you don't support England (unless we catch your team diving or cheating – in which case we will give your order a red card!).

To get the discount please use the code – 3LIONSNEWS

...and don't forget all orders over £50, 75 euros and $99 will get a free messenger bag and free shipping. Click here for the shop!

Come on England!

The incredible Undead Cavalry are shipping now...

These fantastic sculpts are now in the warehouse and available to order. Many of you have pre-ordered them as part of the Malak deal, and we appreciate your patience – but they are all now in the post and will be with you shortly.

This weekend will be the last chance to buy these at our discounted pre-order price. From Monday, the UK price will go to the normal RRP of
£25 and so on across other currencies.

For those of you who have not yet seen these stunning sculpts, feast your eyes on this work in progress from the painters table....

We think these would make a great additional unit for any Vampire army, so click through for more photos on the site, and the launch deal on a unit of 10 metal cavalry.

Malak's deal ends 30th June!

Malak's army deal has been a great way to collect a whole legion of Undead models – with 100 plastic infantry, a mounted Vampire, a unit of Undead cavalry, wraiths, and Metal heroes among the contents. Anyone wishing to buy the Malak deal needs to do so before 30th June, when the deal will end. The Malak deal also qualifies for a FREE Mantic Messenger bag and free global shipping. If you want one, please don't miss it - Click here for the shop!
Spotlight on the Stormwing Cavalry

With so much attention being paid to the Undead these last few months, we felt these fantastic models got missed out . In the Mantic Journal they acquitted themselves well at the battle of Borath Lei, so we thought they merited some serious attention.

These great sculpts offer a number of cavalry choices for any Elf Army, coming armed with lances, and a full command group.
For the month of June, in celebration of their spotlight feature, we have taken 15% off their RRP, (which is massive when combined with the football madness offer!) so click through to have a look in more depth at these fantastic models and pick up a bargain Cavalry unit.

The Mantic Journal is now available online

Many sections of the journal are now available to download for free here, or you could buy yourself an annual subscription of the printed format for just £10.00, and get Mhorgoth the Faceless totally free of charge.

Order your subscription here and be the first to get every issue!

Dwarf Week 3

Starting on the blog June 14th, all next week we will have more news, pictures and some real genuine plastic sprues to show you, so pop along to the blog or facebook for all the latest on our third fantasy battle army.

We like hearing what you all think here at Mantic and we've now added in the ability to leave reviews onto our product pages! We've had some great ones left for us so far, so please leave your thoughts for us when you next swing by the webstore!
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