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News: Mantic Newsletter - More Dwarfs!

Hello all, Slick here. The latest Mantic newsletter is out and more Dwarfs are on the way! They are getting some immediate ranged support in the form of rifle/x-bow equipped troops, with veteran Ironbeards and deadly artillery soon to follow! The rifle equipped troopers look pretty good imo, we'll have to wait and see what they look like once they're in stores. With rumors of Fantasy getting an Apocalypse style expansion in the near future, it might be worth bulking up your armies on the cheap.

Mantic Games Newsletter
Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to war we go, with shovel and spade and hand grenade, hi-ho...

No self respecting Dwarven general goes to war without a sizeable number of regiments ready to shoot the daylights out of the enemy before a hammer is swung. Indeed history lists the Battle at Dark Sphere Mountain as perhaps the most perfect Dwarven victory of all time. The general positioned his Ironwatch in such a manner that by the time the crossbow bolts and gunpowder cleared there were very few goblins left. The Dwarf Lord then got his Ironclads to throw their Pitdogs into the remaining goblins troops – who ran from the battlefield without the Dwarf warriors actually swinging axe or hammer. The incident coined the phrase 'Give 'em the gun, and the dog, and then its beer time!'

In just two weeks time, the next dwarven boxes will be shipping out. The Ironwatch, available in both Troop and Regiment configurations, allow you to arm your dwarfs with either rifles and crossbows creating some of the most deadly units in a dwarfen army (well, until the cannons come out that is!).
There are two further further sets released on the 23rd July as well.

Firstly we have the Ironbeards, shown off in a recent blog post here. This set of five metal models make for a great veteran unit, and also act as a fantastic alternative front rank for those large Ironclad regiments we know everyone is building.

In addition, we have our next fantasy paint set, this time themed around the dwarfs! The contents of this set is mind boggling with 10 plastic Dwarf miniatures, 6 Warpaints, 1 paint brush, paint guide, mantic point and a large Mantic case all for less than 15 quid!

The Dwarf Paint Set contains our own Warpaints, made by The Army Painter. As time goes on the range will expand, but until then these colours work well with any acryllic paints. So, if you're sick and tired of your old paints drying up, fed up with lousy bottles that clog, or just want some paints that'll cover cleanly and evenly start your Warpaints collection now!
All of these releases are currently available to pre-order and will be released on the 23rd July.
Revenant Knights

We're getting daily deliveries of the Revenant Knights metal models so we will have covered all of our pre-orders for the cavalry sets and the Malak deal. As word of Mantic is spreading there are a few lines that have been continously popular and we're struggle to keep them in stock. This is the case for the Undead Wraiths and Elven Palace Guard, with the Elf Lord on Battle Dragon teetering on the edge!

If you have experienced a delay on your order please rest assured that we're working as hard as possible to get you your models and we appreciate your patience – we'll be throwing in extra goodies by way of thanks!

On the blog

Posted up on the blog and website and the first pictures of the plastic Dwarf models built into troop, command and regiment formations.
We're expecting some painted units in the coming weeks but until then, why not bask in the glory of the plastic Dwarfs? If you fancy the all-in-one-click solution to army building look at Grafe's Steel Legion – a more tough-looking and value for money Dwarf army you will not find!


Warlord Games will be at the Battlegroup South event at the Bovington Tank Musuem this weekend with the Mantic range, including the brand new Dwarfs. Go pester Gareth and Dave for all things Mantic and, if they haven't got it, make sure they pre-order it for you!
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