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News: Mantic Newsletter - A Horde of Boxes

Hello all, Slick here. The latest Mantic Newsletter is out and to coincide with the 8th edition Warhammer release, Mantic is over a 10% discount on all fantasy figures during the month of July! If you're looking to bulk out an existing army or quickly amass a new one, than this is definitely a deal you don't want to miss!

Mantic Games Newsletter
Need a horde unit to finish off your army? Think Mantic

With the new 8th Edition everyone is going to be building big units, and there is no better way of doing that than with Mantic figures. They allow you to build great looking units quickly and affordably – and even more so with this special offer.

To celebrate the role big units now have in the games simply use this code HORDE001 any time in the Fantasy battle month of July and get 10% off your order.

Click here to visit the shop

What a load of...boxes!

Fed up of packing and unpacking your miniatures from your carry cases? Confused by which carry case has what army in it? Unable to move without stepping on your minis? Want to store your figures in a way that will impress your friends and opponents? Need a new way to smuggle recent purchases past the wife/girlfriend?

Wow - all these problems, and many more, can be solved with the wonderful Mantic storage and carry cases.

The cases hold complete regiments or squads of miniatures. You store the regiments on the shelf, come games night they go straight into the messenger bag. As your troops die, you pack them back into the box, and when you get home they go back on the shelf! Hurrah!

Seriously, this note came about because I have just started painting my new Mantic Dwarfs – ready to take pride of place in my 5000 point Dwarf army. So I finally got round to re-boxing the rest of my dwarfs in the the Mantic carry cases. I put each regiment in a 25mm box, with 2 pieces of foam, the movement tray, and then a couple of grey tabs on the outside to remind me what's in each. The results looked fantastic...

The deeper 48mm boxes house the cannons. I got so inspired I did my Elf army too, and the cavalry worked well in the 35mm cases. The larger boxes benefit from a foam insert, which come in the boxes when you order them as plain boxes, and is now available from the site separately – but you can cut any foam you have to the right size too.

If you want to see the boxes in action please watch the blog, to order a set just click the link here...
...and remember any orders over £50/$99/E75 will come with their own free Mantic Messenger bag.

Zombie week is coming... afraid, be very afraid!
Beasts of War and Mantic – plotting big things!

Ronnie was over visiting the guys at Beasts of War this week – and some very interesting rumours are now circulating about what they have planned. Suffice to say there is going to be some very big stories hitting in the next few weeks – keep watching the Mantic blog and their new website for more!

A Vampire's army fit for a tournament
A few weeks back we have the lovely chaps from the bad dice podcast over at Mantic Towers. When they got home they used their massive knowledge of tournament play i.e. being beardy! ;), to assemble an undead army from Mantic and costed it out.

Who are we to waste such genius?

So we now have a new undead deal on the site that reflects their knowledge of all things gaming.
We used the core of their army to make the deal, and have the other units as optional extras.
It offers a very competitive army, with a great spread of troops and all at an incredible price!
'Toben's Army of Darkness' is now available for immediate shipping – a better priced, more lovely Undead army you will not find!
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