Saturday, July 10, 2010

News: Warhammer 8th Edition Is Now Available!

Hello all, Slick here. It's Warhammer Time! Warhammer 8th Edition is now available. The truly massive 528 page rulebook (encyclopedia!) is absolutely packed with more background information than ever before, and oh, don't forget all the new rules as well! Forget the months of rumors, and dive right in to this tome, because the game of Warhammer has certainly changed! After poring over our story copy for the last few weeks and letting all the rules changes sink in, this definitely looks like the best edition of Warhammer yet! I'll be putting up a battle report and some initial impressions after my first game in the new edition. Stay tuned.

The Games Workshop Newsletter 09.07.2010
In this issue: Warhammer is here!

Warhammer: on sale now

Warhammer is here! Prepare thyself for battle, steel yourself for slaughter and war unending. The champions of the Warhammer world are calling; the grand muster is upon us for this is a dark age, a bloody age, an age of war. The Game of Fantasy Battles has arrived.

Warhammer Rulebook Warhammer Rulebook

The new edition of Warhammer is here! This epic 528-page tome is home to a set of dynamic rules that allow you to: field more of your favourite units, fight bloodier battles and unlock the full potential of your terrain. Advance order your copy now.

Engineer's Ranging Set Engineer's Ranging Set

The Engineer's Ranging Set contains two unique aids to help you move your units, find targets for your archers, and ease other such battlefield calculations. This genuine Warhammer artefact is only available in limited numbers -order yours now.

Warhammer Battle Magic Warhammer Battle Magic

With Warhammer Battle Magic you'll never have to hunt for the rule for a spell again. The 56 cards in this all-new set place every spell from the Warhammer rulebook at your finger tips. Now the power really is in your hands.

Warhammer Template Set Warhammer Template Set

In Warhammer, template weapons are now deadlier than ever and you'll want to field as many stone throwers, mortars and the like as possible. You'll also want to order the new Warhammer Templates set to represent the effects of such powerful weaponry.

Warhammer Counter Set Warhammer Counter Set

Much happens in the midst of battle: charges are declared, regiments flee, mighty beasts are wounded, and bloody combats give rise to all manner of complex situations. Luckily, The Warhammer Counter Set is here to help you keep track of it all.

Citizens of the Empire Citizens of the Empire

The Citizens of the Empire are the latest addition to the Collectors Range. Ideal as unit champions and objective markers, they're also great fun to paint and will make a welcome addition to any Empire collection.

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