Monday, July 19, 2010

News: Mantic Newsletter

Hello all, Slick here. The latest Mantic newsletter is out and its all about bulking up your armies! Check out some of the new Dwarf releases as well!

Mantic Games Newsletter
What a bunch of Rankers

Hordes is the buzz word at the moment and why wouldn't it be – they're now a dominant force on the battlefield.

To make it super easy to get your hands on a lot of miniatures, as if it wasn't already with the likes of Toben's Army of Darkness, Grafe's Steel Legion and Tydarion's Dragon Host army deals, we've put these new bundles together to let you take advantage of being a Horde.

As Ronnie explains in the latest video blog, these new bundles let you build large units, giving you four ranks of infantry with a command group. And of course, we couldn't forget the Ghouls, so we've put together 5 troop boxes as a horde deal – 50 plastic Ghouls? Yes please!

For all of the information of the new Horde bundles and all of the other army deals we currently have running, why not check them out here.

New Dwarfs now available for pre-order

We just can't help ourselves with the Dwarfs so we've put up all of the remaining plastic boxsets onto the website. We'd like to make some noise at Mantic so, shipping August 18st, we've added the Dwarf Ironbelcher and Ironbelchers Battery artillery kits as well as the Flame Belcher – warmachine madness!

In addition, we've also added the two detachment boxsets – the Forge Guard and the Storm of Iron sets – alongside the Warhost, meaning that the full compliment of Dwarf plastic sets are now available on the website. Well, almost anyway!

Revenant Knights

Everyone who has placed pre-orders for the Revenant knights and Malak's deal should now have their soldiers – unless you on the other side of the world, in which case they are definitely on the way!
Because this cavalry unit is a limited edition set, and the massive demand we have had, it has proved to be incredibly popular, with both the sculpts and the paint job receiving rave reviews.

Remember this is a limited edition metal figure set, and there will be a set of plastics in the future – but for those of you who cannot wait that here to add a unit of mounted armoured Skeletons to your army.

Toben's Army of Darkness

Speaking of armies, a Revenant Knight set would make a great addition to Toben's Army of Darkness, our awesome new army deal made up of a hordes of plastic with a careful splattering of Undead heroes. With 40 Skeletons, 40 Revenants and 50 Ghouls as well as the Vampire Lord on Pegasus and the Death Kings Cabal, this is a truly astounding set.


Events are coming so thick and fast and this weekend we will be at Attack in Devizes, sharing a stand with Warlord Games. So, whether your fantasy or historical minded, or would just like to chat to us about all things Dwarfen (or maybe we'll except questions about other things) then come have a chat with us, we'll be there both days! Check out details here!

We're also going to be at Gencon and Britcon this year – more opportunities to come and talk to us! Keep an eye out on the website for more details coming up.

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