Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Apocalypse: Assault on Darius IX Mission 1

Hello all, Slick here. Today I would like to share the first mission of our 2010 Apocalypse campaign, The Assault on Darius IX! This mission featured a combination of Apocalypse and Planetstrike rules with the forces of Chaos assaulting the forgeworld of Darius IX. The mission details are below. Comments welcome!

Apocalypse Campaign 2010

The Assault on Darius IX

Mission 1 – Planetfall

Special Rules – This mission uses the Shock Tactics special rule.

Shock Tactics – Attacking units with the Deep Strike special rule in their unit entry may assault the turn they enter play.

Determining the Victor – The attacker(s) must take as much terrain as they can from the defender. The defenders must hold their ground at all costs. At the end of the game, determine who controls each objective as follows:

· A defending unit controls an objective if it is in base contact with that objective and no attacking units are in base contact with that objective.

· An attacking unit controls an objective if it is in base contact with it, regardless of the presence of enemy troops.

· The team with the most objectives under their control is the winner.

· Each objective taken, or not taken, will impact the forces and special rules available to players/teams in subsequent battles.

· If a unit is in base contact with more than one objective, the owning player must choose which objective it is attempting to control.

Down to the Wire: If the players control an equal number of objectives, then each player receives one ‘kill point’ for each enemy unit completely destroyed. The player with the highest total of kill points will win the battle for their team. If the players have the same total of kill points, the game is a draw! The attackers barely manage to establish a foothold on the imperial world but the battle was largely inconclusive, and imperial forces are now on full alert and the call for reinforcements has gone out to nearby imperial systems.

Scoring Units: Unlike in normal games of Warhammer 40,000, all non-vehicle units count as scoring units.

Wipeout!: Regardless of all other victory conditions, if at the end of the game the enemy has no units left on the table, you win the game!

Line of Retreat: Units that are forced to fall back will do so towards the nearest board edge, using the normal fall back rules.

Assets and Stratagems: Since this mission is a combination of Apocalypse and Planetstrike, players will have access to both the Apocalypse Strategic Assets and the Planetstrike Stratagems. The availability of these special abilities is determined as follows:

· Strategic Assets – Each player may choose exactly 1 Strategic Asset found in the Apocalypse and Apocalypse Reload books. Special Formations and Legendary units may provide a player with additional Strategic Assets. Each Strategic Asset may only be taken once by each team.

Thus, no matter how many players an Imperial side may have, you could only ever have one Orbital Bombardment and so on. Players whose armies are not painted to the 3-color minimum are not allowed to choose any Strategic Assets and will receive the Ash Wastes asset instead.

· StratagemsEach side will have D3+1 points worth of Stratagems to choose from. Defenders may only choose stratagems under the Defenders section and Attackers may only choose stratagems from the Attackers section. No Army-Specific stratagems may be used. Stratagems are chosen from the Planetstrike book.

Sequence of Play

Pre-game – Setup the Battlefield & Place Objectives

1 Pick Army

2 Select Teams & Nominate Supreme Commanders

3 Set Time Limit

4 Pick Strategic Assets & Stratagems

· If one side has less points, then they receive one extra asset for every full 250 points difference.

5 Deploy

· Both sides receive 30 minutes for deployment. The time chosen is the amount of time allowed to deploy the side’s army.

· Because of the scenario being a Planetstrike the defenders will setup first, however the attackers will take the first turn unlike normal Apocalypse rules.

· Units not set up are in Strategic Reserve

7 Launch Firestorm! – After the defender has deployed, the attacker may make D6+3 firestorm attacks anywhere upon the table. The defenders will get an equal number of counter shots to represent planetary defenses targeting the incoming enemies.

· Roll to scatter as normal but do not adjust for BS

· Morale tests are never caused by a firestorm but pinning tests are caused as usual, units going to ground will be pinned for the first turn

· Firestorm Range N/A Str 8 AP 3 Special Ordnance 1, Barrage

8 Fight the Battle

9 Victory! – Players add up their victory points. See page 1 for more details.

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