Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Apocalypse: Assault on Darius IX Mission 1 Objectives

Hello all, Slick here. Today I would like to share the special objectives used in the first mission of our Apocalypse campaign, the Assault on Dariux IX! Comments welcome!

Ammunition Store

· The ammunition store may be used once per turn in the shooting phase.

· After rolling To Hit, a single unit occupying the Ammunition Store may re-roll failed To Hit rolls.

· The Ammunition Store counts as 1 objective.

Sacred Ground

· Grants the Fearless special rule to any Imperial unit within 6” of the Sacred Ground.

· The Sacred Ground counts as 1 objective.

Command Center – The Shield of Darius (this is an ancient two-story bastion)

· The command center grants the Counter-Attack to all Imperial units within 6”.

· Imperial units within 6” may re-roll failed leadership tests as long as the command center is occupied by an Imperial unit.

· The Shield of Darius also counts as a Fortified Stronghold (ignores the first wrecked or explodes result that is inflicted upon it)

· The command center counts as a vital objective and the side controlling it counts as controlling 2 objectives.

Spaceport Landing Pad – Space Port Alpha (Primary Objective of the Planetfall)

· Space Port Alpha has an armor value of 14 on all sides and 3 Structure Points.

· It is only affected by destroyed results.

· Any side which fully controls the Space Port may deploy 1 unit from reserves to the space port landing pad at the start of their turn.

· The Spaceport is the focal point of the battle as the attackers are attempting to secure a foothold on the planet in order to more easily bring their forces planetside. Imperial forces must maintain control of the Spaceport to ensure that communications with Imperial space remain open and relief forces can land with relative safety.

· The side controlling the spaceport at the end of the game counts as controlling three objectives.

Supreme Commander

· Each side has nominates one Supreme Commander

· Each Supreme Commander has final choice over their team’s Strategic Assets and Stratagems

· They may give these out to field commanders as they see fit

· SCs also have final choice on when and where Reserve units are deployed

· May award citations/promotions or court martials at the end of the battle

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