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Apocalypse: Assault on Darius IX Mission #2

Hello all, Slick here. The mission for the upcoming 2nd battle of the Assault on Darius IX Apocalypse campaign is now available:

Game Preserve Apocalypse Campaign 2010

The Assault on Darius IX

Mission 2 – Counterattack

The initial assault on Darius IX by several Chaos forces caught the Imperial Defenders largely unprepared to withstand the fury of the attack. Followers of Khorne, Tzeentch, and Nurgle were all part of the attack and quickly took control of several vital staging areas including one of the primary spaceports. There were even scattered reports of a truly massive Bloodthirster creating a bloody swathe of destruction through Imperial forces. The beleaguered Imperial forces made a valiant defense but were ultimately swept aside. The Imperium also paid a heavy price as all contact was lost with the forces led by none other than Commissar Yarrick! His loss would be a severe blow to the morale of the remaining defenders.

Despite these initial setbacks Imperial forces are now mobilizing to counterattack the Chaos invaders. Scouts have located isolated elements of enemy forces! Now is the time to strike! Attack the enemy where they least expect it! An Imperial victory here could halt Chaos advance, buying more time for reinforcements to arrive from nearby Imperial sectors. A further Chaos victory may push the defenders past the breaking point and the entire planet may be lost…

Objective: Imperial forces must counterattack the Chaos invaders regaining vital ground and secure several vital locations and strategic resources. There will be a number of interactive objectives (i.e. terrain features). Each side will also place 3 objective markers in the opposing team’s deployment zone. These objectives represent vital intelligence (documents, battle plans etc.) which could have a great impact on the outcome of this battle and the entire campaign.

Chaos forces remain on the offensive, capturing territory, vital resources, and war materiel. Seize as many objectives as you can and show the servants of the false emperor that their end has come!

Special Rules: As the Imperial forces are ambushing this isolated element of the Chaos forces they receive the Ambush and Strategic Redeployment, assets for free. However, due to the loss of several spaceports Imperial forces will not have access to Orbital Bombardment. The remaining Imperial naval vessels and Space Marine cruisers are too busy engaging the Chaos fleets to be able to position themselves for such attacks.

Commissar Yarrick was listed as MIA after the initial battle and thus may not be used by Imperial forces for this battle.

Determining the Victor – The attacker(s) must take as much terrain as they can from the defender. The defenders must hold their ground at all costs. At the end of the game, determine who controls each objective as follows:

· A defending unit controls an objective if it is in base contact with that objective and no attacking units are in base contact with that objective.

· An attacking unit controls an objective if it is in base contact with it, regardless of the presence of enemy troops.

· The team with the most objectives under their control is the winner.

· Each objective taken, or not taken, will impact the forces and special rules available to players/teams in subsequent battles.

· If a unit is in base contact with more than one objective, the owning player must choose which objective it is attempting to control.

Scoring Units: Unlike in normal games of Warhammer 40,000, all non-vehicle units count as scoring units.

Wipeout!: Regardless of all other victory conditions, if at the end of the game the enemy has no units left on the table, you win the game!

Assets: Players will each have access to one strategic asset. Armies not painted to the 3-color minimum must use the Ash Wastes asset. Players can gain additional Assets by using various legendary units and formations. Teams may not have more than one copy of the same asset.

Sequence of Play

Pre-game – Setup the Battlefield & Place Objectives

1 Pick Army

2 Select Teams & Nominate Supreme Commanders

3 Set Time Limit

4 Pick Strategic Assets

· If one side has fewer points, then they receive one extra asset for every full 250 points difference.

5. Deployment

· Each side will bid on the their deployment time as normal with the team bidding the lowest time also deploying first and taking the first turn. Superheavies must start the game on the table.

· Units not set up are in Strategic Reserve

6 Fight the Battle

7 Victory! – Players add up the number of objectives. The team with the most objectives wins.

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