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News: Mantic Newsletter - The Dwarf Lords are Here!

Hello all, Slick here. Mantic's latest newsletter is out and there is more Dwarf goodness on the way in the form of Dwarf Lord minis! It's nice to see a Dwarf character not loaded down under armor but this guy seems like he would fit better as a Thane or even a Slayer. Just my 2 cents.

Mantic Games Newsletter
The Dwarf Lords are here!

If you weren't excited enough about our dwarves – check this out:

“The Dwarf's King War Council are the best Dwarves I have ever seen, made by anyone, ever!”

- Paul Sawyer aka FAT BLOKE. ex. White Dwarf Editor and Dwarf player of considerable renown.

Grafe's Steel Legion – Ending 18th August!

The time of the Dwarfs is now. On the 18th August we will stop taking pre-orders for Grafe's Steel Legion Army Deal and start shipping them out! Pre-order deals always offer the best discounts and early delivery, with advance shipping on a few lines.

Oh yes, but not only that - this is the last weekend you can order this awesome Army Deal, after the 18th August it's being changed back into our a regular Dwarf army deal - with less models in it!

This unbelievable army set contains:

- 40 plastic Dwarf Ironclads Warriors,
2 full regiments with command.
- 40 plastic Dwarf Ironwatch
- 4 Ironbelcher Cannon/organ guns
- 1 FREE metal Flamebelcher
- 5 metal Veteran Ironguard Warriors.

Also included in this set is 10 metal Dwarf Berserkers and one FREE Dwarf Kings War Counsel, the Dwarf hero set - containing four metal heroes including a Dwarf King, Standard Bearer, Warsmith and a Berserker hero (shown above). By purchasing this pre-release army deal, not only do you receive the Kings War Counsel absolutely free, but you also receive the Counsel and Berserkers one month before they go on general release!

Anyone who has already pre-ordered the set, or who pre-orders it will also receive a free Mantic Messenger bag to transport your brand new army so click here for Grafe's Steel Legion and get it while you can!

Win 80 white Dwarves!

Don't forget we are still running our White Dwarf army prize draw consisting of 40 Ironclad warriors and 40 Ironwatch missile troops, each in cool, white plastic. The offer ends on the 31st of August, so don't miss out! There will only ever be five of these very limited edition white Dwarf armies ever made, so don't miss out!

To enter, all you have to do is to go to this page here on the website and sign-up using the contact form on the page. This will subscribe you to both the Mantic Games and the Beasts of War newsletter and enters you into the draw.

For those of you who are interested, which I am sure you all are, here is Ronnie taking a look at the white dwarves:

So what are you waiting for – enter the prize draw here now! (if you are already subscribed you can still enter, and will only recieve 1 newsletter from Mantic) - and if you like your friends even a little bit, you'll share this chance to win with them! I am sure they'll share their winnings with you.

Mantic Freebies!

Just as a reminder, we are still running our great Mantic bag offer for you:

When you spend £50/€75/$99 or more you will receive a free Mantic Messenger bag.

Don't miss out!

Game News

This week Alessio handed over the first draft of the KoW rules. They are currently being alpha tested in the office (Ronnie is already 0-2), and soon the rules will be freely downloadable for public beta to anyone subscribed to the newsletter!

Be sure to check out these interviews with Alessio at Beasts of War
to hear all about his latest thinking on the rules.

So keep watching the blog and newsletter for all the updates.


The Events Diary shows all the very latest Events that Mantic Games will be attending.

Our next event is Britcon on the 14-15th August, where again we will be showcasing our miniatures. You really don't want to miss out as we have our gorgeous newly finished painted dwarf army to display. Come and see us there!

In addition, Mantic has just returned from GenCon in Indianapolis, one of the biggest events we have ever participated in. Ronnie was there in person, showing of our fantastic new Zombies, as well as the new Dwarf range. He had an amazing time, met up with some great people, and he can't wait to return next year!


You just can't have enough Zombies! So with that in mind we have increased the size of the Zombie Horde box-set, you will now get 60 Zombies instead of the original 50. What a deal!
Those who were smart enough to order the 51 figures set will get the 60 set at no extra charge - you clever people!

Now Shipping

Mantic's release schedule never lets up and nothing shows that off better than looking at what goes on sale in the next week, for your delectation we have...
  • Iron Belcher Cannon/Organ gun
  • Iron Belcher Battery (2 warmachines)
  • Forge Guard Detachment
  • Storm of Iron Detachment
  • Dwarf Warhost - 40 Dwarfs and 2 warmachines
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